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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances
Year: 2009 | Volume: 8 | Issue: 12 | Page No.: 2468-2472
Effect of Roasting Process on Antibiotic Residues in Edible Tissues of Poultry by FPT Method
A. Javadi , H. Mirzaei and S.A. Khatibi
Abstract: Regarding to vast application of the antibiotic drugs in animals, quality control of food stuff, from view of antibiotic residues is necessary. Existence of antibiotic residues in food stuff, especially meat and their transforming to the body of consumers are the cause of some effects such as bacterial resistance, allergic reactions, toxicity, carcinogenic effects and disturbing of natural micro flora of intestine. This study presents, the net change by roasting process on antibiotics residues in edible tissues of poultry. Four-plate test is one of the microbiological methods for detection of antibiotic residues in food stuff, which is at the base of inhibition zone formation around the samples disks in four culture media with different pH and test bacteria. For this purpose, 40 carcasses were collected on each of eight visits from Tabriz poultry slaughter houses. Four locations were sampled aseptically from each carcass: breast muscle; skin; liver; gizzard. After doing different phases of four-plate test on raw samples, the positive raw samples incubated in 200°C. Incubation time regarding to usual a complete cooking time were as follows: muscle 40 min; skin 15 min; liver 25 min; gizzard 60 min then, we surveyed samples by FPT method again for present of antibiotic residue. None of the positive raw samples had antibiotic residue more than maximum residue limit after roasting (p<0.05) and we didn’t see any inhibition zones around roasted samples on agar medium. Regarding to the results of this study, we can conclude that enough roasting temperature and time can have a great effect on antibiotic residues losses and provides an additional margin of safety for consumers.
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A. Javadi, H. Mirzaei and S.A. Khatibi, 2009. Effect of Roasting Process on Antibiotic Residues in Edible Tissues of Poultry by FPT Method. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 8: 2468-2472.