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Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences
Year: 2005 | Volume: 3 | Issue: 5 | Page No.: 741-750
Biological Oriented Theories of Criminality: Explanation and Criticism
Sarfraz Hussain and Muhammad Sarwar
Abstract: Criminality a specific type of behavior of human being, manifested and emerged out of particular biological given tendency system multiplying and interacting with series of events after birth. Biological inherited constitution of a person contributes a pivotal role in setting his behavior type and personality by procuring raw material for basement and foundation which constitutes his propensity and proneness, even then an individual starts learning and living with relying on parent’s injected capabilities. The theme of the constitutional theories that deviancy is a transmitted tendency appeared at or after birth which is physically and genetically measurable. Born criminal thought has endured great criticism but stands still, critique doesn’t diminish importance and validity of any idea, it helps for removing the deficiencies and shortfalls for producing and promoting refined approaches and lead towards perfection. These theories are result of sifting and painstaking research of biological positivist, are inviting and appealing intellectuals and academician for further contemplation and research.
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Sarfraz Hussain and Muhammad Sarwar , 2005. Biological Oriented Theories of Criminality: Explanation and Criticism . Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 3: 741-750.