Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 7
Issue: 5
Page No. 371 - 379

Resistance in Teacher Education in the Context of Educational Drama

Authors : Mustafa Yasar

Abstract: In teacher education literature, there is a special attention on the resistant nature of preservice teachers. There is a growing list of unconventional teaching methods in teacher education programs to deal with resistance. Educational drama is only one of these alternative methods that teacher educators utilized in their classrooms to facilitate learning and development of the future teachers. This ethnographic case study explored the nature of resistance in a teacher education classroom among preservice teachers toward the teacher education program, teacher educators and their choice of educational drama as instructional method. Data collection methods included semi-structured individual and group interviews, participant observation in the local settings and WebCT discussions. The data were collected during one course over 10 week period. The participants were one teacher educator and 16 preservice teachers enrolled in Masters in Education program at a regional campus of a Midwestern state university in the USA.

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Mustafa Yasar , 2010. Resistance in Teacher Education in the Context of Educational Drama. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 7: 371-379.

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