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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2019 Volume 18)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 10 Issue 12, 2011
The Usefulness of Saliva as a Biological Material for the Determination of Pharmacokinetics of Model Drugs (Antipyrine, Caffeine, Paracetamol) in Calves: Comparative Study
Zbigniew Muszczynski, Krzysztof Janus, Ewa Skotnicka, Karol Fijalkowski and Dorota Jankowiak
Chromatin Assays for DNA Fragmentation Evaluation in Canine Sperm
Bum-Sul Choi, Tae-Koon Kim and Changbaig Hyun
Predicting Fresh Beef Color Grade Using Machine Vision Imaging and Support Vector Machine (SVM) Analysis
X. Sun, K. Chen, E.P. Berg and J.D. Magolski
Effects of Long-Term Boron Administrations on High-Energy Diet-Induced Obesity in Rabbits: NMR-Based Metabonomic Evaluation
Abdullah Basoglu, Nuri Baspinar, Aliye Sagkan Ozturk and Pinar Peker Akalin
A Mercury Displacement Method to Measure Fish Feed Density
Huriye Ariman Karabulut and Ilhan Yandi
Bovine Herpesvirus Type 1 (BHV-1) Prevalence in Dairy Cattle
Uzeyir Taha Iscan and Rustem Duman
cDNA Cloning, Sequence Identification and Tissue Expression Profile of Three Novel Duck Genes MJD1, RHOG and RB11A
Jiang Caode and Liu Yonggang
Effects of Hypoxia on Activities of GPx, GSR and GST in Tibet Chicken and Silky Chicken Hearts
H.G. Bao and J.Y. Li
Measures to Protect Environmental Problems Caused by Animal Wastes in Rural Settlement Areas: A Case Study from Western Turkey
I. Kocaman, F. Konukcu and G. Ozturk
Surveillance of Scavenging Ducks for Low-Pathogenicity (H9N2) Avian Influenza Virus
M.M. Hadipour, M.R. Hadipourfard, N. Shayanpour, M. Fakhrabadipour and F. Azad
Influence of Excess Lysine and Methionine on Cholesterol, Fat and Performance of Broiler Chicks
M. Bouyeh and O. Kh. Gevorgyan
Potential Environmental Benefits of Residual Feed Intake as Strategy to Mitigate Methane Emissions in Sheep
A. Muro-Reyes, H. Gutierrez-Banuelos, L.H. Diaz-Garcia, F.J. Gutierrez-Pina, L.M. Escareno-Sanchez, R. Banuelos-Valenzuela, C.A. Medina-Flores and A. Corral Luna
Study of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) Infection in Dairy Cattle
Erol Ozer and Rustem Duman
Shellac: A Non-Toxic Preservative for Human Embalming Techniques
Abdulmonem A. Al-Hayani, Raid M. Hamdy, Gamal S. Abd El-Aziz, Mohamed H. Badawoud, Saleh Aldaqal and Yahya Bedir
Polymorphisms and Sequencing Analysis in 5'Upstream and Intron 2 Region of H-FABP Gene in Anhui Wannan Black Pig Population
Xiaoling Ding, Yueyun Ding, Chenghua Zhang, Long Huang, Xiaolei He and Zongjun Yin
Thermal and Pasting Properties of Citric Acid Supplemented Poultry Diets
J.L. Arjona-Roman, R. Melendez-Perez, A. Vazquez-Duran, J.C. Del Rio-Garcia, A. Mendez-Albores and E. Moreno-Martinez
Growth Performance Responses and Indicators of Gastrointestinal Health in Early Weaned Pigs Fed Chinese Herbal Medicine Additives-Supplemented Diets
Y.Y. Ding, C.H. Zhang, X.L. He, L. Huang and Z.J. Yin
Effects of Methionine or Lysine Served as Sole Nitrogen and Carbon Sources on Level of Free Amino Acids and Activity of Transaminases at in vitro Incubation of Rumen Microorganisms
L.M. Li, H. Diao, X.L. Ding, K. Qian and Z.J. Yin
Major Trematode Infections of Cattle Slaughtered at Jimma Municipality Abattoir and the Occurrence of the IntermediateHosts in Selected Water Bodies of the Zone
Abebe Fromsa, Behablom Meharenet and Berhanu Mekibib
Prevalence of Indigestible Foreign Body Ingestion in Small Ruminants Slaughtered at Luna Export Abattoir, East Shoa, Ethiopia
Abebe Fromsa and Nuru Mohammed
Olanzapine Administration Shortened the Laying Interval in Pigeon (Columba livia)
Min Zhang, X.T. Zou, Jin-Guo Liu and Y.M. Wang
Comparison of Primer Sets for Amplification of 30 kDa Merozoite Surface Antigen of Bovine Theileriasis
Mahmoud R. Abd Ellah and Amira A.T. AL-Hosary
Effects of ATP Citrate Lyase and Adipose Differentiation-Related Protein Gene Polymorphisms on Adipose Deposition and Meat Quality Traits in Pigs
Zhu-Qing Ren, Yuan-Zhu Xiong, Chang-Yan Deng and Si-Wen Jiang
Aantimicrobial Susceptibility of Mastitis Pathogens from Smallholder Dairy Herds in and Around Gondar, Ethiopia
Nibret Moges, Yilikal Asfaw, Kelay Belihu and Abebayehu Tadesse
Reference Strains of Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Raise Detectable Hemagglutination-Inhibition Antibodies in Immunized Specific-Pathogen-Free Chickens
V. Vega-Sanchez, C. Salgado-Miranda, S. Lagunas-Bernabe, N.L. Calderon-Apodaca and Edgardo Soriano-Vargas