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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 10 Issue 21, 2011
Screening and Identification of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Airag for Antifungal Activity
Wulijideligen , Sudun and Taku Miyamoto
Effect of Feeding Metabolites and Acidifier on Growth Performance, Faecal Characteristics and Microflora in Broiler Chickens
M.R. Rosyidah, T.C. Loh, H.L. Foo, X.F. Cheng and M.H. Bejo
Comparison Between Manual and Electronic Haematological Analysis in Some Animals
Mahmoud R. Abd Ellah, Maha Lamlom Abd Elghani, Maani Ali Sayed, Moshira Kamel Hassan and Maram Ahmed Mahmoud
Effect of Storage Time and Temperature on Erythrocytes, Platelets and Leucocytes Pictures of Cattle and Equine Blood
Mahmoud R. Abd Ellah, Rofaida F. Abd-Elrahman, Hanaa G. Ahmed, Heba T. Khalaf, Reham R. Mahmoud, Shaimaa O. Sayed, Rehab M. Mahmoud, Rania M. Ali, Mona F. Abd-Elmotagaly, Ansaf N. Abd-Elhadi, Asmaa M. Abd-Elhamid, Ayat Kh. Mahmoud and Amany S. Abd-Elmegid
Molecular Cloning, Sequence Identification and Tissue Expression Profile of Three Novel Sheep (Ovis aries) Genes-ARL2, ARL3 and ARL4C
Jiang Caode, Liu Yonggang and Xia Xueshan
Toxoplasmosis in Goats in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
S.I. Al-Mufarrej, M.F. Hussein, R.S. Aljumaah and A.R. Gar ElNabi
Marker Identification for Mastitis and its Association in Thai-Friesian Cattle in Northern Thailand
Siriwadee Chomdej, Waranee Pradit, Korakot Nganvongpanit and Suvichai Rojanasthien
Effect of Serum-Clot Contact Time on Some Biochemical Constituents of Sheep Blood
Mahmoud R. Abd Ellah, Nourhan S. Tawfeek, Gehan A. Ali, Enas M. Ibrahim, Wafaa H. Mohamed, Eman M. Sadiek, Maram A. Mahmoud, Doaa H. Allam, Dena A. Abd-Elzaher, Radwa H. Ahmed, Mona M. Mohamed, Mahetab M. Mohamed and Raafat W. Eskander
Effect of Emblica officinalis on Serum Lipid Profile in Birds
Saleem R. Qureshi, Yash P. Sahni and Swatantra K. Singh
Effects of Ghrelin on in vitro Nuclear Maturation and Subsequent Embryo Development of Immature Bovine Oocytes
M. Dashtizad, H. Wahid, O. Abas Mazni, Y. Rosnina , M. Daliri and H. Hajarian
Genetic Polymorphism Exon 9-11 at the Leptin Gene Receptor in Breeder Hens of Mazandaran Native Fowls
H.A. Abbasi, S. Gharavysi and R. Abdullahpour
Short Hairpin RNA Targeted to the Highly Conserved Regions of L and 3D Gene Inhibits Replication of Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus in vitro
Li-Jun Chen, Yin-Guang Li, Ming-Qiu Zhao, Yan-Fang Xu, Jun-Tao Jia, Ying-Ran Lv, Chun-Mei Ju and Jin-Ding Chen
Effects of Met Hydroxy Analog plus MINTREX® Dairy Supplementation on Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows
W. Suksombat, A. Nanon, P. Klangnork and J. Homkhao
Effects of Environmental Factors on Body Weight of Sistani Goat at Different Ages
Hossein Bazzi and Mahmoud Ghazaghi
Genetic and Non-Genetic Effects on Body Weight of West African Dwarf Sheep
A.B. Gbangboche, T.I. Alkoiret, F.D. Daga, S. Alimi, P.L. Leroy and C. Michaux
Composition and Quality of Cattle Diet under Extensive Grazing on Grasslands in Northern Mexico
Jesus Herrera Corral, Francisco Gonzalez Gonzalez, Oscar F. Carrete Carreon, Nestor Naranjo Jimenez, Martin E. Pereda-Solis and Yolanda Herrera Arrieta
Effect of Glutamine Enhancement on Oxidative Stress and Reproduction in Holstein Dairy Cows During Transition Period
T. Tanha, H. Amanlou, M. Chamani, Y. Ebrahimnezhad, R. Salamatdost, N. Maheri and M. Fathi
Molecular Identification of Two Genetic Markers That Distinguish Between Pathogenic and Nonpathogenic Strains of Mycoplasma gallisepticum
Zahraa Faisal, Aini Ideris, Abdul Rahman Omar, Mohd Hair-Bejo and Tan Ching Giap
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Discovery of Molt Inhibiting hormone Gene 3 Exons and its Association with Growth Traits in White Shrimp (Litopenaeus vannamei)
Xi-Lian Li, Jing-Jing Xin, Ting-Ting Feng and Xiao-Lin Liu
The Investigation of Bisphenol a Presence in Canned Tuna Fish using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography Method
Buket Er and Belgin Sarimehmetoglu
The Distribution Phenotypic of the Dairy Production at Birth and 3 Months of Age in Oases of Southern Tunisia
Amor Gaddour and Sghaier Najari
Effect of Amlodipine on Primphos-Induced Seizure in Mice
Khayatnouri Mirhadi
Laboratory Detection of Haemophilus parasuis with Decreased Susceptibility to Nalidixic Acid and Enrofloxacin Due to GyrA and ParC Mutations
Pin Chen, Yingyu Liu, Chong Liu, Haoyong Zou, Yang Wang, Wentao Li, Dingren Bi and Qigai He
Morphological Examination of the Siberian Roe Deer Capreolus pygargus in South Korea
Yong-Su Park, Woo-Shin Lee, Jong-Taek Kim and Hong-Shik Oh
Effects of Protein Supplementation During the Dry Season on Feed Intake and Performance of Borgou Cows in Benin Republic
Ibrahim Traore Alkoiret, Guenole C. Akouedegni, Youssouf Toukourou, Roel H. Bosma and Guy Appolinaire Mensah