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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 12, 2004
Canonical Correlation Analysis for Studying the Relationship Between Reproductive Traits and Milk Yield Traits of Brown Swiss Herd Raised at The State Farm of Konuklar in Konya Province
Ismail Keskin , Ugur Z?lkadir and Birol Dag
The Use of Nuclear Transfer Procedure for Evaluation of Abattoir Derived Bovine Oocyte
Mohamed Sayed Mohamed Nour , M. Nagano , S. Katagiri and Y. Takahashi
The Feasibility of Feeding High Levels of Whey Silage and Effects on Production in Growing Cattle
D. R. ZoBell, E. K. Okine , K. C. Olson , R. D. Wiedmeier , L. A. Goonewardene and C. Stonecipher
Systemic Infections of Aeromonas hydrophila in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss Walbaum): Gross Pathology, Bacteriology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology and Chemotherapy
Seyit Aydin and 1Abd?lkadir ?ilta
Cytauxzoon felis-like in the Moutain Lion (Puma concolor): A Case Report
Juliano Raquel Soares , Souza Alda Izabel , Nilton T?rcio Netto, Scheide Renata and Scofield Alessandra
The Analysis of Binomial Data for Reproductive Performance by a Generalized Linear Mixed Model (GENMOD) in Karakas (Local Ewes) in Turkey
Kadir Karaku , Firat Cengiz , Hamit Mirtagio lu , Serhat Arslan and Sel?uk Se?kin Tuncer
Changes of Vaginal Epithelium in Creole Pigs Ovulating During Lactation
Daniel Mota-Rojas , Mar?a Alonso-Spilsbury , Lilian Mayagoitia Novales , Mar?a Elena Trujillo , Javier Valencia , Ramiro Ram?rez- Necoechea , Sa?l Cort?s and Isabel Escobar
Feline Trichobezoars: Composition and Degradation
Edward A. Reed , Ronald L. Belyea , Mark D. Newcomb and Jr. Richard G. Shields
Canonical Correlation Analyses of Testicular and Body Measurements of Awassi Ram Lambs
Ebru Emsen and Michael E. Davis
Productive and Reproductive Performance of Purebred Bos taurus Cattle in Three Large Scale Farms in Kenya
Alexander. K. Kahi , Stanley. K. Ng`ang`a , Samuel M. Mbuku , Tobias. O. Okeno and Mary. K. Ambula
VEGF Concentrations Levels in Bovine Ovulatory Follicles after Prostaglandin Treatment
Comin Antonella , Maiero Stefano , Furlan Valentina , Renaville Robert and Prandi Alberto
Fixing Collinearity Instability Using Principal Component and Ridge Regression Analyses in the Relationship Between Body Measurements and Body Weight in Japanese Black Cattle
A. E. O. Malau-Aduli , M. A. Aziz , T. Kojima , T. Niibayashi , K. Oshima and M. Komatsu
A Study on the Occurrence of Sand Cracks in Commercial Beef Cattle
L. A. Goonewardene , R.K. Hand , Z. Wang , L. Al-Ani , R. Carlyon , E.K. Okine and R.C.Yang
Effects of a Liquid Byproduct Nitrogen Source on Nitrogen Utilization by Ruminal Microbes in Continuous Culture Fermenters
G.I. Crawford , M.D. Stern , R.L.K. Hulbert , K.A. Caperoon and P.G. Summer
Norduz Goat of East Anatolia
I. Daskiran and F. Cedden
Plasma Vitamin C Concentrations in Nubian and Saanen Goats During Pregnancy and Lactation
H.E. Mohamed and A.C. Beynen
Restriction Endonuclease Analysis of Local Brucella Isolates
J. Maureen, S. Khairani-Bejo , A. Muhid , M. Jamli and A. R.Bahaman
VEGF Concentrations Levels in Bovine Ovulatory Follicles after Prostaglandin Treatment
Comin Antonella , Maiero Stefano , Furlan Valentina , Renaville Robert and Prandi Alberto
Dietary Fish oil Lowers Plasma Butyrylcholinesterase Activity in Healthy Cats
S. C. Pross , E. A. Plantinga , A. G. Lemmens and A.C. Beynen
Some Productive Performances of Nili-ravi and Crossbred (Nili-ravi X Local) Buffaloes at Government Buffalo Farm, Bagerhat, Bangladesh
M.A. Islam , M. A. Mazed , M. S. Islam and M.K. Uddin
Serological Epidemiology of Brucellosis in Cattle of Mymensingh District of Bangladesh
K. M. R. Amin , M. B. Rahman , S. K. Sarkar , S. M. L. Kabir and M. S.I. Akand
Bovine Neosporosis: A Review
J. J. Romero and K. Frankena