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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 11 Issue 20, 2012
Climate Change and its Impacts on the Winter Wheat Yield in Wugong Region of Shaanxi Province
Hao Ding, Zhi-Nong Wang, Hu-Jun Shang and You-Gong Zhang
The Correlation Between Goat Cox II Gene Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Sperm Motility
Yinghui Ling, Lijuan Wang, Xiaodong Zhang, Lina Xu, Jian-Ping Ding, Yun-Hai Zhang, Zijun Zhang and Xiao-Rong Zhang
Relationship Between Atmospheric Conditions and Breeding Ecology of Tits in Artificial Nest Boxes
Seung-Hun Son, Kyu-Jung Kim, Hyun-Su Hwang and Shin-Jae Rhim
Combined Effect of Electrical Stimulation and High-Oxygen Modified Atmosphere Packaging on the Sensorial Characteristics and Shelf-Life of Low-Fat Turkish Type Meatballs (Kofte)
Enver Baris Bingol, Omer Cetin, Hilal Colak, Bulent Nazli and Ozer Ergun
Effects of Apricot Kernel Oil on Selected Performance and Blood Parameters and Meat Fatty Acid Composition of Broilers
Ahmet Tekeli
Assessment of Clinical and Necropsy Manifestation, Losses and Some Biochemical Factors in Broiler Breeder with Gout Syndrome
Adel Feizi, Amin Haghigat and Jafar Taifebagerlu
Effect of Climatic Factors on Copper and its Antagonist Contents in the Soil
Karim Amininia, Amirparviz Rezaeisaber and Ali Rezaie
Allelic Polymorphism Identified and Analysis on the Fifth Exon of Chinese Indigenous Donkey GH Gene by PCR-SSCP
Wenjin Zhu, Yongmei Su, Yanfang Liu, Xuemin Guan, Jing Ni and Jianhua Wu
In vitro Fermentation, Methane Emission and Global Warming
M.M. Rahman, Mohamad Amran Mohd. Salleh, Amimul Ahsan, J.E. Lee and C.S. Ra
The Effect of Aditional Lyzozyme to Milk on Growth Performances of Holstein Calves
Serap Goncu, Murat Gorgulu and Gokhan Gokce
Polymorphisms in the Third Exon of GH Gene in Chinese Indigenous Donkey
Wenjin Zhu, Yongmei Su, Yanfang Liu, Jing Ni and Jianhua Wu
Carcass Merits, Chemical Composition and Physical Properties of Beef under Unconventional Fattening Regimen
A.S. Sami, Amal K. El-Asheeri and M.A. Radwan
Protein Requirements of Dorper Sheep x Small Tail Han Sheep F1 Lambs
Peiyao Lu, Wenbin Yue, Jiang Wu, Chunxiang Zhang and Youshe Ren
Can Ethanolaminic H1 Blockers Improve CNS Suppression Effects of Ketamine as Oral Spray in Animal Model?
Eilyad Issabeagloo, Ali Rezaei, Kamran Mamaghani and Mehrdad Neshat Ghara Maleki
Evaluation of the Palatability of Palm Oil Decanter Meal Preserved with Ground Cinnamon Stick (Cinnamomum burmannii) on Goat
M. Afdal, Azhar Kasim, A.R. Alimon and N. Abdullah
Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Complete Genome of Porcine Torque Teno Sus Virus Type 1
He YaLin, Zhu Ling, Feng Xiaoke, Zhao Ling, Fu Mengjin, Mei Miao, Wu Yunfei, Xu Zhi- Wen and Guo Wanzhu
Analysis of Households’ Expenditure Patterns on Livestock Products in Rural Malawi
Abayomi Samuel Oyekale
Pre-Rigor Beef Quality Assessment of Bali Cattle Subjected to Different Finishing Systems in Malaysia
D.E. Leslie, T.K. Leo, S.S. Loo, Z.A. Aghwan, A.R. Alimon, J.M. Panandam, S.A. Karsani and A.Q. Sazili
Blinded Brushing Technique as a Novel Method to Inflict Injury on Rabbit Tracheal Airway Epithelium Structure
Ahmad Z. Latahir and Badrul H. Yahaya
Muscle Fatty Acid Profile of Thai Native x Anglo-Nubian Meat Goats of Different Ages and Methods Castration
T. Phonmun, P. Paengkoum, S. Paengkoum and S. Traiyakun
Comparison of Cholesterol Lipoprotein Profile and Levels of Blood Biomarker for Lipid Metabolism in Plasma of Dolphins, Horses and Cows
K. Kawasumi, Y. Hirakawa, P. Lee, N. Mori, I. Yamamoto, T. Arai and F. Terasawa
Expression of the B Subunit of Escherichia coli Heat-Labile Enterotoxin in Transformed Bombyx mori BmN Cells
Wen-Lin Zhou, Jin-Ru Cao, Ai-Hong Ye, Cheng-Liang Gong, Hong-Biao Weng, Li-Hua He, Ren-Yu Xue, Guang-Li Cao and Yong-Qiang Wang
Isolation and Identification of Lactobacillus from Perch (Perca fluviatilis) Intestine in Aras Dam Iran
Milad Anvarian, Javid Mortazavi Tabrizi, Sasan Hamzei, Masud Gahraman, Jafar Tiefebagerlu and Seyed Saeed Disnad
Clonal Integration for the L. chinensis in a Heterogeneous Alkaline Stress Environment
WenJun Zhang, YingJun Zhang, JuanJuan Song, WenQing Chen and GaoWen Yang
Prokaryotic Expression of p1 Gene of Yersinia ruckeri Isolated from Channel Catfish (Ictalunes punctatus) and Optimization of Expression Conditions
Hai Lian, Kai-Yu Wang, De-Fang Chen, Jun Wang, Ling-Yuan Huang and Cheng-Wei Li
Sero-Diagnosis of Fasciola gigantica Infestations in Goats Using Elisa and its Comparison with Fecal Sample Analysis
Mohammad Rafiqul Islam, Mahbub Jong Fateh Ali Taimur, Nivana Tanzim, Tazminaz Sultana, Yoon-Seok Roh and Bumseok Kim
Advance in Proteomics Research and Application
Jianlei Jia and Liping Zhang
Utilization of Korean Wild Ginseng Adventitious Root Meal in Livestock
J.H. Cho, L. Yan and I.H. Kim
Rapid Detection of Edwardsiella ictaluri from Channel Catfish Tissue and Water Samples by PCR Amplification
Jesus Genaro Sanchez-Martinez, Roberto Perez-Castaneda, Ma. De la Luz Vazquez Sauceda, Jaime Rabago Castro and Gabriel Aguirre-Guzman
Age-Associated Changes in Dog Synovial Membrane Fibres, Capillaries and Nerves
Ayse Oya Sagiroglu
Seasonal Movements and Home Range Sizes of Korean Field Mouse Apodemus peninsulae in Unburned and Post-Fire Pine Planted Stands Within a Pine Forest
Eun Jae Lee, Shin-Jae Rhim and Woo-Shin Lee
Impact of Calcium, Zinc and Copper Concentrations in Seminal Plasma on Semen Parameters in Zie Geese
J.L. Li, J.C. Li, H.M. Yang, R.J. Zhou and S.J. Liu
Effect of Lactobacillin on the Mucosal Immune Function in Duodenum of Young Broiler
Quanxi Wang, Lili Zeng, Changkang Wang, Huang Lin, Hingqiang Jia and Wenchang Zhang
Characterization of β-Actin Promoter of Leuciscus merzbacheri
Wenge Hu, Shiwei Ma, Chuangfu Chen, Yuanzhi Wang, Yan Ren, Xudong Cao and Jinliang Sheng
Application of HACCP System in the Production of Dried Beef
Zhou Li Ye, Yang Heng Shan and Jiang Hai Gang