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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 13 Issue 5, 2014
A Modified CBBR-250 Microwave-Assisted Staining and Destaining Method on SDS-PAGE Gels
Yun-Tao Ji, De-Yu Chen, Shuang-Lin Jiang and Chang-Qing Qu
Overexpression of MyoD Increased the Expression of RNA-Binding Proteins Rbm24 and Rbm38
Wenqiang Sun, Liang Li, Jiwen Wang, Hehe Liu, Haohan Wang, Xinxin Li, Rongping Zhang and Fang Ding
The Prevalence of Liver Flukes in Sheep Slaughtered in Yuksekova, Hakkari Province, Eastern Region of Turkey
Yasar Goz, Abdulalim Aydin and Ozlem Orunc Kilinc
Effect of β-Carotene on Differential Gene Expression of BCO2 and Related Genes During Bovine Adipocytes Differentiation
Qiaoli Wei, Xiaomu Liu, Fachun Wan, Zhonghua Wang and Xueyan Lin
Hepatic Gene Expression Profiles in Pre and Postnatal Stages in Pigs
Jian Xiao, Jideng Ma, Long Jin, Xuewei Li, Mingzhou Li and An-An Jiang
Exercise Training Upregulates the Expression of HSP70 in Brain of Mice with Induced Parkinson Disease
Fatima Laiche, Noureddin Djeblia, Ahed Alkhatib and Murtala Muhammad
Development and Evaluation of Vaccines in the Mice Using Brucella suis (B. suis) Deletion Mutant of the vjbR Gene
Fei Guo, Junbo Zhang, Chuangfu Chen, Yuanzhi Wang and Hui Zhang
Pharmacokinetic and Metabolic Profile of Difloxacin in Camels Following Parenteral Administration
A.Y. Al-Taher
Hepatoxicity Induced by Glyphosate-Based Herbicide Baron in Albino Rats
Manal E.A. Elhalwagy, Nadia Amin Abdulmagid, Hanan S. Alnahdi and Enas N. Danial
The Effects of Chlorsulfuron and Feed Containing Ascorbic Acid on Some Serum Parameters in Albino Rabbits
Ahmet Uzatici, Baver Coskun, Kemal Celik and Can Duman
Molecular Cloning, Structural Analysis and Tissue-Specific Expression of Akirin1 Gene in Tianfu Goat
JisiMa , LuWan , Gangyi Xu, Daihua Wang and Nianlu Wang
The Effects of Essential Oils Dietary Supplementation on Feeding Behavior of Sheep under Organic Animal Husbandry
Muazzez Polat and Mohamed Ibrahem El Sabry
Food Traceability and Consumer Awareness in Turkey: A Review Article
Mehmet Kurtulus Cem Sen