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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 3 Issue 5, 2004
Zeranol Administration to Gestating Sows Alters Sow Blood Serum IGF-I Concentrations and Improves Piglet Performance
Strauch T. A , J. A. Carroll , E. L. Berg and B. E. Salfen
Detection and Characterization of Soluble Betaglycan in Porcine Milk
H. K. Cheung , J. Mei , T. Wang and R. J. Xu
Influence of Lighting on Production and Agonistic Behaviour of Broiler
Aijaz Hussain Solangi , Muhammad Ismail Rind and Amir Amanulah Solangi
Use of Audible and Chart-Recorded Doppler Ultrasonography to Monitor Fetal Heart Rate and Uterine Blood Flow Parameters in Cattle
S.T. Willard , A. Webb , S.D. Bowers and B.S. Gandy
Lactational Estrus in Sows, a Way to Increase the Number of Farrowings Per Sow Per Year
M. Alonso-Spilsbury , L. Mayagoitia , M.E. Trujillo , R. Ram?rez- Necoechea and D. Mota-Rojas
Influence of the Morphine on the Kinetic of Biodistribution of Technetium-99m Labeled with MDP in Wistar Rats
JR.L.H. Jales , A.M.O.Ramos , R.L.C.Jales , C.M.C.X.Holanda , P.L.J.Brito , R.D.Jales , L.H.Jalesneto , L.S.A.A. Viana , M.L. Teixeira , M.T.J. Catanho , R.C.H. Leite , L.M.L. Brito , K.C. Brand?o , L.F. Amorim and E.M. Bernardo-Filho
Reproductive Performance of Mexican Hairless Pigs Raised on Grazing Conditions
Ma.L. Alonso-Spilsbury, F. Clemente Lemus , R. Ram?rez- Necoechea and Daniel Mota-Rojas
Effects of Different Rations on the Slaughter and Carcass Characteristics of Ak Ke?i (White Goat) Male Kids
Apkin Kor, Mehmet Ertugrul and Serhat Arslan
Evaluation of Functional Traits in Different Regions of Dairy Cattle Data in Turkey
Serhat Arslan Hamit Mirtaghizadeh
Comparison of Avian Reovirus S1 Genes
Hongzhuan Wu, Narendra K Singh , Robert Locy , Gunn Karyn Scissum and Joseph J. Giambrone
Reproductive Performance of Cross-bred Sudanese Dairy Cows Treated with GnRH During Early Postpartum
F. O. A. Elzubeir and A. S. Elsheikh
Study of the Effect of an Ageratum conyzoides Linn. Extract on the Plasmid pUC 9.1 DNA
Franklin P. S. Soares, Fabricio M. Rapuano , Roberta A. Framil , Glaucio F. Dire , Maria L. Gomes and Mario Bernardo-Filho