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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 4 Issue 4, 2005
Influence of Lactation, Liveweight and Lipid Reserves at Mating on Reproductive Performance of Grazing Goats
Miguel Mellado , Lorenzo Olivares , Ramiro L?pez and Jes?s Mellado
Influence of Freezing Time on the Quality of Beef
Azad M. A. K and S. Akter
Productive and Reproductive Parameters of Does as a Function of Sex of Siblings During Gestation
Miguel Mellado , Francisco Pastor and Jes?s Mellado
"The Relationship Between the Audit Report and the Commercial Decisions: Evidence from Spain"
Mar?a Consuelo , Pucheta Mart?nez and Antonio Vico Mart?nez
Using Conditioned Reinforcement as a Way to Make Dairy Cows to Leave an Automatic Milking Unit
H. H. Oostra , B. Forkman , K. S?llvik , A. Herlin and J-E. Englund
Partial Substitution of Alfalfa Hay with Grass Hay (Sudangrass, Elephant Grass) in Diets for Lactating Dairy Cattle: Dry Matter Intake, Lactation Performance, and Digestive Function
E. G Alvarez, A. Plascencia and R. A. Zinn
Pathogenicity, Antigenicity and Immunogenicity of Infectious Bursal Disease Virus (IBDV) Due to Propagation in Chicken Embryo Related Cell Line Using Serum-free Medium
Tereza Cristina Cardoso , Maria Cec?lia B Teixeira , Natali Fachin and Daniela Pilz
Blood Characteristics of Dairy Calves as Affected by Age, Breed and Types of Barn
Omer Coban and Nilufer Sabuncuoglu
Longissimus dorsi chemical composition and fatty acid profile in Murrah Buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) Heifers Fattened in Drylot with Hormonal Implantation and Lead Spheres in the Uterus
D.M. Fonsecaa , I.N. Pradob , J.V. Visentainera , M. Matsushitaa and N.E. de Souzaa
Reference Values and Age-Related Changes in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood Components in the Clinically Normal Male Dromedary Camel
O.A. Al-Sagair , S.I. Fathalla and H.A. Abdel-Rahman
Reference Values and Age-Related Changes in Cerebrospinal Fluid and Blood Components in the Clinically Normal Male Dromedary Camel
Al-Sagair O. A , S. I. Fathalla and H. A. Abdel-Rahman
Soybean Meal Substitution with Roselle (Hibiscus sabdariffa L.) Seed Meal in Dry Practical Diets for Fingerlings of the African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus (Burchell 1822)
Oyedapo A. Fagbenro
Multi-Variate Genetic Evaluations of Body Condition and Milk Production in Dairy Cows
Haja N. Kadarmideen
Effect of Enzyme Supplementation on the Performance of Growing-Finishing Pigs Fed Diets Containing Normal or High Fat Oat
P. A Thacker and B. G. Rossnagel
Study for the Temporal and Spatial Variation of the Ant Assemblages as the Biological Indicator in National Parks
T.L. Lee and Y.S. Wei