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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 8 Issue 1, 2009
Reproductive Traits of Holstein Cows Raised at Polatli State Farm in Turkey
Suleyman Cilek
Milk Yield Traits of Holstein Cows Raised at Polatli State Farm in Turkey
Suleyman Cilek
An Improved Method of Neutrophil Isolation in Peripheral Blood of Sheep
Ali Rezapour and Jaafar Majidi
Splenic Artery and its Intrasplenic Tree in Zavot Breed Cattle
Ismet Takci
Effects of Inclusion of Different Levels of Iron in Lamb Diets on Apparent Absorption and Retention of Phosphorus
Ignacio Mejia Haro , R. Dennis Brink and Jose Mejia Haro
In vitro Evaluation of Antimicrobial Efficacy of Natural Honey in Comparison with Sulfonamide Derivatives
Hossien Tajik and Farnood Shokouhi Sabet Jalali
Growth and Feed Efficiency of Pure and F1 Pelibuey Lambs Crossbred with Specialized Breeds for Production of Meat
G.J. Canton , Q.R. Bores , R.J. Baeza , F.J. Quintal , R.R. Santos and C.C. Sandoval
Effects of Organic and Synthetic Carotenoids on the Sensory Quality and Chemical Composition of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss, W. 1792)
Mehmet Emin Erdem , Nihat Yesilayer and Nilgun Kaba
Alterations in Progesterone Catabolic Enzymes, CYP2C and CYP3A, in Hepatocytes Challenged with Insulin and Glucagon
Caleb O. Lemley , Jill M. Koch , Kenneth P. Blemings and Matthew E. Wilson
Use of Factor Analysis Scores in Multiple Regression Model for Estimation of Body Weight from Some Body Measurements in Lizardfish
Levent Sangun , Soner Cankaya , G. Tamer Kayaalp and Mustafa Akar
Ecology and Distribution of the Veined Rapa Whelk Rapana venosa (Valenciennes, 1846) in Sinop Peninsula (Southern Central Black Sea), Turkey
Mehmet Culha , Levent Bat , Alper Dogan and Ertan Dagli
A Serological Survey for Newcastle Disease Virus Antibodies in Backyard Chickens Around Maharlou Lake in Iran
M.M. Hadipour
Exclusion Probabilities of 8 DNA Microsatellites in 6 Cattle Breeds from Northeast Mexico
Victor Manuel Riojas-Valdes , Juan Carlos Gomez-de-la-Fuente , Jose Maria Garza-Lozano , Diana Cosette Gallardo-Blanco , Jose Nicolas De Tellitu-Schutz , Alfredo Wong-Gonzalez , Guillermo Davalos-Aranda and Jose Antonio Salinas-Melendez
The Effect of Culture Methods and Serum Supplementation on Developmental Competence of Bovine Embryos Cultured In vitro
Song-yi Jung and Scott T. Willard
Width/Length-Weight and Width-Length Relationships for 8 Crab Species from the North-Eastern Mediterranean Coast of Turkey
Levent Sangun , Canan Tureli , Erhan Akamca and Onder Duysak
Comparative Economic Returns from Artificial Insemination and Natural Service in Purebred Fat Tailed and Crossbred Romanov Flock
Tecer Atsan , Ebru Emsen , Mustafa Yaprak , Carlos Alcibiades Gimenez Diaz , Ferda Koycegiz and Muzeyyen Kutluca
Comparison of Oviductal Sperm Age on Fertility, Hatchability and Embryonic Death Rates in Iranian Indigenous and Ross-308 Broiler Breeder Chickens
S. Tabatabaei , R.A. Batavani and A.R. Talebi
Comparison of Semen Quality in Indigenous and Ross Broiler Breeder Roosters
S. Tabatabaei , R.A. Batavani and A.R. Talebi
The Effects of an Organic Acids and Etheric Oils Mixture on Fattening Performance, Carcass Quality and Some Blood Parameters of Broilers
Can Ayhan Kaya and Sakir Dogan Tuncer
Investigation of In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Aloe vera Juice
Suleyman Alemdar and Sema Agaoglu
Changes in Blood Gas Composition and Acid-Base Equilibriums in Cattle Blood Samples Kept under Different Temperature Regimens and Times
C. Cagri Cingi , Turan Civelek , Abuzer Acar and Hasan Eryilmaz
Influence of Caecectomy on Endogenous Amino Acid Losses in Adult Cockerels
A. Nouri-Emamzadeh , A. Yaghobfar , A.A. Sadeghi , A. Mirhadi and M. Chamani
The Effect of Feeding Different Levels of Potassium Iodide on Performance, T3 and T4 Concentrations and Iodine Excretion in Holstein Dairy Cows
M.A. Norouzian , R. Valizadeh , F. Azizi , M. Hedayati , A.A. Naserian and F. Eftekhari Shahroodi
Relationship Between Pre-Incubation Egg Parameters from Old Breeder Hens, Egg Hatchability and Chick Weight
E. Hesna Sahin , E. Sengor , M. Yardimci and I.S. Cetingul
Determination of Nutritional Quality of Warty Crab (Eriphia verrucosa Forsskal, 1775)
Yalcin Kaya , Hulya Turan and M. Emin Erdem
The Effect of Different Levels of Choline and Betaine on Broilers Performance and Carcass Characteristics
M.A. Maghoul , H. Nassiri Moghadam , H. Kermanshahi and M. Danesh Mesgaran
Is CAPE a Therapeutic Agent for Wound Healing?
Tunay Kontas-Askar , M. Enes Altug , Mahmut Karapehlivan , Emine Atakisi and Adnan Adil Hismiogullari
A Study on Relationships Between Somatic Cell Count (SCC) and Some UdderTraits in Dairy Cows
Omer Coban , Nilufer Sabuncuoglu and Naci Tuzemen
Biological Properties of Capoeta capoeta (Guldenstaedt, 1773) Population Living in Karasu Stream (Van, Turkey)
Mahmut Elp and Fazil Sen
Genetic and Environmental Parameters of Milkability Traits in Holstein Friesian Cows
Olcay Guler , Mete Yanar , Recep Aydin , Bahri Bayram , Unsal Dogru and Sinan Kopuzlu
Environmental Factors Affecting Growth Characteristics in Purebred Arabian Foals Reared at Anadolu State Farm in Turkey
Suleyman Cilek
Is There a Relationship Between the PT-Substructure Status and Acrosome Loss of Boar Spermatozoa Following Freezing-Thawing or Acrosomal Reaction?
M. Barrientos-Morales , K. Arancibia-Salinas , O.M.E. Trujillo , R.J. Munoz-Gotera , F. Montiel-Palacios and M.L. Juarez-Mosqueda
Spatial Distribution and Activity Pattern of the Ghost Crab, Ocypode cursor (L., 1758) in Yumurtalik Bay, North-Eastern Mediterranean-Turkey
Canan Tureli , Onder Duysak , Erhan Akamca and Volkan Kiyagi
Fat and Meat Fatty Acid Profile of Rabbits Fed Different Fat Content and Dehydroepiandrosterone Supplementation Diets
P.G. Peiretti and G. Meineri
An Algorithm to Sort Complex Pedigrees Chronologically without Birthdates
Zhiwu Zhang , Changxi Li , Rory J. Todhunter , George Lust , Laksiri Goonewardene and Zhiquan Wang
A Comparative Study on Proximate, Mineral and Fatty Acid Compositons of Deep Seawater Rose Shrimp (Parapenaeus longirostris, Lucas 1846) and golden Shrimp (Plesionika martia, A. Milne-Edwards, 1883)
Abdullah Oksuz , Ayse Ozyilmaz , Mevlut Aktas , Gozde Gercek and Jelena Motte
Influence of Level of Addition on the Feeding Value of Cane Molasses in Growing-Finishing Diets for Feedlot Cattle
M.F. Montano , L.R. Flores , J.F. Calderon , V.M. Gonzalez , J. Salinas and R.A. Zinn
Effects of Lambing Season, Lamb Breed and Ewe Parity on Production Traits of Fat Tailed Sheep and Their Lambs
Ferda Koycegiz , Ebru Emsen , Carlos Alcibiades Gimenez Diaz and Muzeyyen Kutluca
Sacrotuberal Ligament in the Kars Dogs
I. Takci and S. Ozcan