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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 8 Issue 3, 2009
Occurrence of Aflatoxin B1, T-2 Toxin and Zearalenone in Compound Animal Feed
Abdurrahman Aksoy , Oguzhan Yavuz , Y. Kursad Das , Dilek Guvenc and O. Hakan Muglali
Dry Matter Digestion of Native Forages Consumed by Range Goats in North Mexico
M. Guerrero-Cervantes , R.G. Ramirez , M.A. Cerrillo-Soto , R. Montoya-Escalante , G. Nevarez-Carrasco and A.S. Juarez-Reyes
Comparison of Principal Component Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling Methods for Clustering Some Honey Bee Genotypes
Irfan Ozturk , Hikmet Orhan and Zeki Dogan
Molecular Investigation of Microsatellite Markers in 6 Iranian Native Goat Populations
B. Mahmoudi , M.Sh. Babayev , M. Daliri , M. Nejadgashti and S. Esmaeelkhanian
The Effects of Different Sugar Sources on Fatty Acid Biosynthesis in the Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Cell Culture
Ayse Dilek Ozsahin , Mehmet Guvenc , Okkes Yilmaz , Abdullah Aslan and Mehmet Tuzcu
Effects of (+)-Catechin Supplementation on the Some Biochemical Parameters in Sera and Erythrocytes of Ovariectomized Wistar Rats Induced by the Carcinogen Potassium Bromate (KBrO3)
Mehmet Tuzcu , Sevgi Irtegun , Okkes Yilmaz , Mehmet Guvenc , Orhan Erman and Kazim Sahin
Residual Toxicity of 8 Different Insecticides on Honey Bee (Apis mellifera Hymenoptera: Apidae)
Izzet Akca , Celal Tuncer , Ahmet Guler and Islam Saruhan
Biological Aspects of Rutilus rutilus (Roach) in Sapanca Lake (Turkey)
Hacer Okgerman , Muammer Oral and Sibel Yigit
Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Qingyuan Partridge Chickens Based on Microsatellite Markers
Li Hui-Fang , Shu Jing-Ting , Song Wei-Tao and Chen Kuan-Wei
Behavioural Patterns and Corticosterone Levels Induced by Chronic Psychosocial Stress in the Four-Striped Mice (Rhabdomys pumilio)
Thirosha Chetty , Moyosore S. Ajao , Paul R. Manger and Amadi O. Ihunwo
Investigation of Relationship Amongst Milk and Wool Yield Traits of Awassi Sheep by Using Canonical Correlation Analysis
Ismail Keskin and Birol Dag
Prolactin Receptor (PRLR) Gen Polymorphism and Associations with Reproductive Traits in Pigs
A. Barreras Serrano , J.G. Herrera Haro , S. Hori-Oshima , A. Gutierrez Espinosa , M.E. Ortega Cerrilla , J. Perez Perez , C. Lemus Flores , A.L. Kinejara Espinosa , A. Gonzalez Arangure and J.G. Soto Avila
Association Between Subclinical Mastitis Markers and Body Condition Scores of Holstein Cows in the Black Sea Region, Turkey
Savas Atasever and Huseyin Erdem
Examining Structural Distribution of Livestock in Eastern and South-Eastern Anatolia of Turkey by Multivariate Statistics
Hikmet Orhan , Irfan Ozturk , Zeki Dogan and Sabri Yurtseven
Determination of Honey Botanical Origin by Using Discriminant Analysis
Suat Sahinler , Nuray Sahinler and Aziz Gul
The Effects of Subsidizing Forage Production on Animal Production in Van, Turkey
Kasim Sahin and Ibrahim Hakki Yilmaz
Heavy Metal Levels of Some Marine Organisms Collected in Samsun and Sinop Coasts of Black Sea, in Turkey
Yavuz Kursad Das , Abdurrahman Aksoy , Ruhtan Baskaya , Hunkar Avni Duyar , Dilek Guvenc and Veysel Boz
Effects of Dietary Vitamin E and Selenium on Aspartate Aminotransferase and Alanine Aminotransferase Activities in Rats Treated with High Doses of Glucocorticoid
Mine Erisir , Ebru Beytut , Fatih Mehmet Kandemir and Fulya Benzer
Chemical Contents of Red Clover Genotypes on Crop Improvement Systems as Livestock Feed
Halil Yolcu , Ayten Tavlas , Mustafa Tan and Adem Gunes
Morphological Variation among Atlantic Horse Mackerel, Trachurus trachurus Populations from Turkish Coastal Waters
Yusuf Bektas and Ali Osman Belduz
PCR Based Idendification and Discrimination of Caranx rhonchus (Pisces, Carangidae) Based on Nuclear and mtDNA Sequences
Yusuf Bektas and Ali Osman Belduz
Determination of Milk Production Costs on the Member Farms of Sheep and Goat Breeders' Association in Canakkale
Duygu Akturk , Fusun Tatlidil and Ferhan Savran
Changes in Some Macro Minerals and Biochemical Parameters in Female Healthy Siirt Hair Goats Before and after Parturation
Pinar Tanritanir , Semiha Dede and Ebubekir Ceylan
Stochastic dynamics of Musca domestica (Diptera: Muscidae) and Chrysomya putoria (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
Wanderley Cerigatto , Thais Irene Souza Riback , Patricia Jacqueline Thyssen , Carolina Reigada , Thiago De Carvalho Moretti and Wesley Augusto Conde Godoy
Comparative Analysis of Nutritive Composition, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids and Vitamin Contents of Wild and Cultured Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata L. 1758)
Nilgun Kaba , Sennan Yucel and Birol Baki
Histological Changes in the Gingival Tissues of Rats Subjected to Surgical Extraction of the Adrenal Glands
Ahmet Dag , Muzaffer Aydin Ketani , Ali Ihsan Zengingul , Ersin Uysal and Zelal Baskan
Effects on Oxidative Stress and Antioxidant Enzyme Activities of Experimentally Induced Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale Infection in Broilers
Fulya Benzer and Seval Yilmaz
Abnormal Subclavian Branching of the Left Aortic Arch in a Native Goat
Bestami Yilmaz and Ilker Arican
Possibilities of Reducing the Use of Chemical Nitrogen in Vetch + Corn Production System
Seyda Zorer Celebi , Korhan Sahar , Rafet Celebi and Omer Terzioglu
Effects of Kefir as a Probiotic on Growth Performance and Carcass Characteristics in Geese (Anser anser)
E. Hesna Sahin and M. Yardimci
Estimates of Genetic and Phenotypic Parameters for the Birth Weight of Calves of Holstein Friesian Cattle Reared Organically
Vecihi Aksakal and Bahri Bayram
Sewage Sludge as Nitrogen Source for Irrigated Silage Sorghum
Bilal Keskin , Ibrahim Hakki Yilmaz , Mehmet Ali Bozkurt and Hakki Akdeniz
Influence on Grain Yield and Grain Protein Content of Late-Season Nitrogen Application in Triticale
Burhan Kara and Nimet Uysal
Evaluating the Relationship Between Mature Age Milk Yield and Several Traits Using CHAID Analysis in Brown Swiss Cows
Galip Bakir , Siddik Keskin and Hamit Mirtagioglu
Some Biochemical Parameters and Vitamins Levels in the Hair Goats Naturaly Mix-Infested with Endo and Ectoparasities (Lice (Linognathus africanus) and Trichostrongylidae sp.)
Pinar Tanritanir , Nalan Ozdal , Cennet Ragbetli , Ibrahim Yoruk , Ebubekir Ceylan and Serdar Deger
Effect of Level of Spent Corn from the Ethanol Industry and Lamb Sex on Performance
A. Gutierrez Zetina , J.R. Orozco Hernandez , I.J. Ruiz Garci and J.J. Olmos Colmenero
The Effect of the Dexamethsone on Sperm Characteristic and Testosterone Level on Awassi Rams
Z.M.Y. Alkass
Relative Contributions of Ruminal Bacteria, Protozoa and Fungi to Degradation of Forage Fiber Fractions
A.D. Foroozandeh , M. Rezaeian , G.R. Balaly and M. Alikhani