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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 3, 2003
Effect of Nutritionally Controlled Growth Rate on Mineral Deposition Rates of Highly Selected Pigs
Van Lunen , T. A. , D. J. A. Cole and E. E. Falshaw
A New Strategy in the Immunization of Dna Vaccine Against Hog Cholera Virus
Wu Hongzhuan , Chen Jinding and Frederick C Leung
Effects of Putative Neurotransmitters on Testosterone Production from in vitro Mice Interstitial Cells Culture
Krishna Kaphle , Leang-Shin Wu and Yuan Feen Tsai
Effects of Supplementing Selenium to a Beef Cattle Cow-Calf Herd on Tissue Selenium Concentration
G. Valle , L. R. McDowell , D. L. Prichard , P. J. Chenoweth , D. L. Wright , F. G. Martin , W. E. Kunkle and N. S. Wilkinson
Effect of Prolonging the Time Prioer to Filling into the Silo on Degradation and Digestibility of Structural Carbohydrates of Orchardgrass
M. S. Yahaya , M. Kawai , J. Takashashi , S. Matsuoka , M. Goto and S. Karita
Efficiency of Canol Meal in Broiler Ration
G. M. Baloch , A. A. Solangi , M. P. Wagan and M. Tahira
The In vitro Effects of Some Medical Drugs on Rat Carbonic Anhydrase
S?kr? Beydemir and ?lhami G?lcin
Breeding Sheep for Resistance to Nematode Infections
A.F.T. Amarante and M.R.V. Amarante
Molecular and Phylogenetic Analyses of Duck Hepatitis B Viruses
Chi-Young J. Wang and Joseph J. Giambrone
Blood Serum Pepsinogen and Progesterone Concentrations During Pregnancy and Lactation in Sows
H. Banga-Mboko , W. Holtz , D. Maes , B. Sohnrey , B. El Amiri , I. Youssao , P.T Sangild and J.F. Beckers
Use of Shaeffer`s Formula for the Prediction of Body Weight of Slaughtering Cattle
Hamayun Khan , Sir Zamin , M. Misri Rind , Rahmatullah Rind and M. Riaz
Hypodermosis in China
Hong Yin , Miling Ma , Gailing Yuan , Shouyun Huang , Zhijie Liu , Jianxun Luo and Guiquan Guan
Effect of Flushing Hair Sheep Ewes During the Dry and Wet Seasons in the U.S. Virgin Islands
R.W. Godfrey , A.J. Weis and R.E. Dodson
Mast Cells in Two Species of Freshwater Fishes, Grass Fish (Ctenopharyngodon idella) and Cat Fish (Claris fuscus lacepede)
Leren Xu , Xiaozhen Yang , Denghui Gao and Ping Jiang