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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 8 Issue 10, 2009
INitrate and Nitrite Levels of Drinking Water in Bitlis Province, Turkey
Suleyman Alemda, Tahir Kahraman, Sema Agaoglu and Mustafa Alisarli
Reference Values for Blood Gas Analysis, Electrolytes and Critical Biochemical Variables for Short-Hair-English and Duncan-Hartley Guinea Pigs Anaesthetized with Xylazine-Ketamine
P. Scnchez-Aparicio, D. Mota-Rojas, A. Verduzco-Mendoza, E. Arch-Tirado, R. Hernandez-Gonzalez, M. Alonso-Spilsbury, M. Gonzalez-Lozano, A. Alfaro-Rodriguez, R. Uribe-Escamilla, M. Becerril-Herrera and M.E. Trujillo-Ortega
Pharmacokinetics and Penetration into the Aqueous Humor of Long Action Oxytetracycline after Single Dose Intravenous and Intramuscular Administrations in Rabbits
Feride Koc, Ozgur Kaynar, Zafer Okumus, Elif Dogan and Latif Emrah Yanmaz
1Application of PCR-RFLP Technique to Determine BMP 15 Gene Polymorphism in Sangsari Sheep Breed of Iran
Reza Jamshidi, Mohammad Mehdi Kasiriyan and Hasan Hafezeyan
Effects of Feed Form on Development of Digestive Tract, Performance and Carcass Traits of Broiler Chickens
S.A. Mirghelenj and A. Golian
Effects of Liquid Ammonia and Urea Treatment on Chemical Compositions and in vitro Digestibility of Triticale Straw
Taher Yalchi, Ahmad Afzalzad and Reza Seyed Sharifi
The Effects of Adding Urea and Molasses to Corn Harvested at Dough Stage on Silage Fermentation Quality, in vitro Organic Matter Digestibility and Metabolic Energy Contents
Sibel Celik, Cemal Budag, Murat Demirel, Yunus Bakici and Savas Celik
Studies on the Determination of Seroprevalance of Q Fever in Sheep in the Region of Van
Mehmet Karaca, Hasan Altan Akkan, Yunus Cetin, Ihsan Keles, Mehmet Tutuncu, Cumali Ozkan and Ibrahim Tasal
Assessment of the Histopathological Changes Occurring in the Testis of the Mice Suffering from Experimental Diabetes Induced Using Alloxan
Baris Atalay Uslu, Fatma Ilhan, Fetih Gulyuzf, Mehmet Karaca and Ahmet Cihat Oner
Is a Pressure Walkway System Able to Highlight a Lameness in Dog?
Thong Lequang, Pierre Maitre, Thierry Roger and Eric Viguier
Effect of Hybrid on Starch, Protein and Yields of Maize Grain
L. Idikut, A.I. Atalay, S.N. Kara and A. Kamalak
Effects of Oestrus Synchronization and Various Doses of PMSG Administrations in Chios x Kivircik (F1) Sheep on Reproductive Performances
Duygu Ince and Orhan Karaca
Effect of Storage Time, Temperature and Hen Age on Egg Quality in Free-Range Layer Hens
Hasan Akyurek and Aylin Agma Okur
Fatty Acid and Amino Acid Compositions of Cultured and Wild Sea Bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L., 1758) from Different Regions in Turkey
Mehmet Emin Erdem, Birol Baki and Serap Samsun
Protective Effects of Nano-ZnO on the Primary Culture Mice Intestinal Epithelial Cells in in vitro Against Oxidative Injury
Ai Dawei, Wang Zhisheng and Zhou Anguo
Breaking down the Effect of Electro-Ejaculation on the Serum Cortisol Response, Heart and Respiratory Rates in Hair Sheep (Ovis aries)
A. Orihuela, V. Aguirre, C. Hernandez, I. Flores-Perez and R. Vazquez
Effects of Tillage Systems on Wheat Yield and Residue in Turkey
Tayfun Korucu and Hasan Merdun
Effect of Previous Plant on Chemical Composition of Sweet Corn Grain
Idikut L., M. Boga, A.I. Atalay, S.N. Kara and A. Kamalak
Comparison of Dental Restoration for Experimentally Induced Cavity with Amalgam, Resin Composite or Glass Ionomer Cement in Dogs
Kamuran Pamuk, Z. Kadir Saritas, Ibrahim Demirkan and Musa Korkmaz
The Effects of Different Levels of Dried Tomato Pomace on Broilers Chicken Hematological Indices
E. Rahmatnejad, M. Bojarpour, KH. Mirzadeh, M. Chaji and T. Mohammadabadi
The Effect of Helminthiasis on Weight Gains and Carcass Values of Young Indigenous Goats in Uganda
K.O. Lapenga and C. Rubaire-Akiiki
Growth Performance and Feed Utilization by Intact Male Mubende Goats Fed Various Supplements with Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) as Basal Diet in Uganda
K.O. Lapenga, C. Ebong and J. Opuda-Asibo
Effect of Feed Supplements on Weight Gain and Carcass Characteristics of Intact Male Mubende Goats Fed Elephant Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) ad libitum in Uganda
K.O. Lapenga, C. Ebong and J. Opuda-Asibo
Reproduction Cycle of Striped Venus Chamelea gallina from the Black Sea Coast of Turkey
Goktug Dalgic, Sedat Karayucel and Ibrahim Okumus
Effects of Daminozide (Alar 85) Treatment on the Stomata Movements of Chrysanthemum (Dendranthema grandiflorum (Ramat.) Kitamura) Seedlings Grown in Different Day Length Conditions
Semra Kilic, Soner Kazaz and Kursat Cavusoglu
Effects of Plant Growth Regulators on Nutrient Content of Young Wheat and Barley Plants under Saline Conditions
Zekeriya Akman
Microbiological and Chemical Quality of Afyon Clotted Cream
Belgin Siriken and Irfan Erol
Some Microbiological and Pysico-Chemical Quality of Turkish Sucuk (Sausage)
Belgin Siriken, Ozgur Cadirci, Gokhan Inat, Cigdem Yenisey, Mukadder Serter and Mehmet Ozdemir
Effects of Melatonin on the Onset of Ovarian Activity in Turkish Van Cats
Fetih Gulyuz, Ibrahim Tasal and Baris Atalay Uslu
Effects of Non Forage Fiber Sources in Total Mixed Ration on Feed Intake, Nutrient Digestibility, Chewing Behavior and Ruminal Fermentation in Beef Cattle
S. Chumpawadee and O. Pimpa
Effect of Residual Oil of Food Manufactories on Cholesterol and Malondialdehyede (MDA) in Muscles of Male Broiler
H. Karamouz
Microbiological Examination of Meatball, Cream Cake and Turkish Delight (Lokum)
Belgin Siriken, Ozgur Cadirci, Gokhan Inat and Sebnem Pamuk
Investigation of the Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy on Tooth Extension in Wistar Rats: A Preliminary Study
Kamuran Pamuk, Kemal Murat Okcu, Metin Sencimen, Z. Kadir Saritas, Nejdet Dogan and Musa Korkmaz
Detection of Heat-Stabile and Heat-Labile Enterotoxins of Escherichia coli Strains Isolated from Healthy Animals
Timur Gulhan, Ziya Ilhan, Abdulbaki Aksakal and Hasan Solmaz
Detection of Thermophilic Campylobacter sp. in Unpacked Broiler Carcasses in Retail Markets of Afyonkarahisar and Confirmation C. jejuni Isolates Using PCR
Sebnem Pamuk and Sadi Akgun
The Comparison of Early Feed Restriction and Meal Feeding on Performance, Carcass Characteristics and Blood Constituents of Broiler Chickens
H. Mohebodini, B. Dastar, M. Shams Sharg and S. Zerehdaran
Antibiotic Susceptibility of Bacteria Isolated from Virginia Opossum (Didelphis virginiana) in Hidalgo, Mexico
Hugo Brigido Barrios-Garcia, Rosalinda Acosta-Salinas, Jorge Pablo Acosta-Dibarrat, Patricia Beatriz Garcia-Reyna and Victor Manuel Martinez-Juarez
Evaluation of Extruded Chickpea, Common Bean and Red Lentil Meals as Protein Source in Diets for Juvenile Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Serap Ustaoglu Tiril, Ismihan Karayucel, Fikret Alagil, Seval Dernekbasi and Feraye Berkay Yagci
Effects of Distillers Dried Grains with Solubles on Feed Intake, Growth Performance, Gain Efficiency and Carcass Quality of Growing Kiko x Spanish Male Goats
N.K. Gurung, S.G. Solaiman, D.L. Rankins and W.H. McElhenney
Effects of Starter Culture Use on Some Quality Parameters of Pastrami Manufactured from Water Buffalo Meat
Zafer Gonulalan, Yeliz Yildirim, Nurhan Ertas and Filiz Kok