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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 2, 2010
Seasonal Prevalence of Primary Disease Dairy Herds in North-Eastern of Algeria
R. Bouzid, N. Laouabdia Sellami, A. Benkhelil, A. Hocine, R. Ouzrout and K. Touati
An Investigation on Nutrient and Selenium Content of Grass from Different Areas
Tulay Demirkus and Cemal Budag
Nematicidal Effects of Five Plant Essential Oils on the Southern Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita Race 2
Ramazan Cetintas and Mehmet Masum Yarba
Blood Biochemical Profile in Ostrich from Northeast Mexico
Marco A. Cantu-Martinez, Maria de L. Silva-Paez, Victor M. Riojas-Valdes, Francisco A. Santoyo-de-Estefano and Martha V. Garza-Zermeno
Some Factors Affecting Fertility and Hatchability in the Farmed Ostrich: A Review
B.M. Dzoma
The Effect of Oral Levothyroxine Sodium on Serum Zn, Fe, Ca and Mg Levels During Acute Copper Sulfate Toxication in Rabbits
Basaran Karademir, Huseyin Eseceli and Asim Kart
The Dairy Cattle Behaviors and Time Budget and Barn Area Usage in Freestall Housing
Selda Uzal and Nuh Ugurlu
Investigation of Growth Hormone Gene Polymorphism Using PCR-RFLP Technique in Native Poultry in Khouzestan Province
Darabi Alireza, Fayazi Jamal, Roshanfekr Hedayatolla and Nasiri Mohammad Taghi
Cross-Sectional, Longitudinal and Prospective Epidemiological Studies of Rift Valley Fever in Al-Hasa Oasis, Saudi Arabia
A.G. Al-Qabati and A.I. Al-Afaleq
Evaluation of Some Haematological and Biochemical Parameters Before and After Treatment in Cows with Ketosis and Comparison of Different Treatment Methods
Sima Sahinduran, Kenan Sezer, Tulay Buyukoglu, Metin Koray Albay and Mehmet Cagri Karakurum
Laparoscopic Partial Hepatectomy by Using Horizontal Interrupted Mattress Suture in Goats
M.J. Eesa
The Effect of Tannic Acid on in vitro Gas Production and Rumen Fermentation of Sunflower Meal
T. Mohammadabadi, M. Chaji and S. Tabatabaei
Prolactin Genotyping of Najdi Cattle Breed Using PCR-RFLP
S. Sharifi, H. Roshanfekr, S.R. Khatami and K.H. Mirzadeh
Investigation of Prolactin Polymorphism in Buffalo Population of Khuzestan-Iran by PCR-RFLP
Y. Shojaei Tabar, J. Fayazi, H. Roshanfekr, Kh. Mirzadeh and A.S. Sadr
Investigation of the Effect of Different Treatment Regimens on Blood Acid-Base Balance in Cows with Ketosis
Kenan Sezer, Sima Sahinduran and Metin Koray Albay
Prevalence of Theileria annulata and Babesia bigemina in Cattle in the Vicinity of Sanliurfa
Murat Sevgili, Ayse Cakmak, Ahmet Gokcen, Mehtap Gul Altas and Gul Ergun
Development Rule of Intramuscular Fat Content in Chicken
Chang Guo-Bin, Lei Li-Li, Zhang Xue-Yu, Wang Ke-Hua, Chen Rong, Luan De-Qin and Chen Guo-Hong
A Comparison of Egg Quality Characteristics of Partridge and Pheasant Eggs, P. colchicus, A. graeca
Mustafa Garip, Tamer Caglayan, Kemal Kirikci and Aytekin Gunlu
The Influence of Some Physio-Chemical Properties of Sarcotoxin in Rats
N.S. Al-Hyali, M.A. Aljawady and M.A. Mohammad-Fakhri
Assessment of Nutritional Value of Caraway-Seed Pulp for Feeding Holstein Dairy Cattle
M.M. Moheghi, A.M. Tahmasbi, A.A. Naserian and A. Omid
Amino Acids and Fatty Acid Composition Content of Fish Sauce
Tolga Dincer, Sukran Cakli, Berna Kilinc and Sebnem Tolasa
Influence of Canola Oil in Broiler Diets and its Effects of MUFAs and PUFAs Contents in Selected Tissues
Ramin Salamatdoustnobar, K. Nazerad, Habib Aghdam Shahriyar, Abolfazl Ghorbani and Peyman Fouladi
Village Poultry Farming in the Canakkale and Antalya Provinces in Turkey: The Prevalence and Relationships with Some Socio-Economic Indicators
Tulin Aksoy, Zubeyde Yurt, Gulen Ozdemir, D. Ilaslan Curek and Nilgun Yapici
Effects of Exogenous Enzyme Supplementation in Diets on Growth and Feed Utilization in African Catfish, Clarias gariepinus
Yasemin Bircan Yildirim and Funda Turan
Effect of Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.) and Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris L.) Pollinators on Yield and Yield Factors in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Production Areas
Mahmut Murat Aslan and Cicek Yavuksuz
Genetic Identification and Taxonomic Relationship of Mediterranean Mugilid Species Based on Mitochondrial 16S rDNA Sequence Data
Deniz Erguden, Mevlut Gurlek, Deniz Yaglioglu and Cemal Turan
Determination of Some Physiological Characters in Forage Plants
Zuhal Kavurmaci, Ufuk Karadavut and Cetin Palta
Effects of Ammonia and Nitrite-Nitrate Concentrations on Thyroid Hormones and Variables Parameters of Broilers in Poorly Ventilated Poultry Houses
Ulvi Reha Fidanci, Hidayet Yavuz, Cavit Kum, Funda Kiral, Mehmet Ozdemir, Selim Sekkin and Ayhan Filazi
Effect of Different Sources of Supplemental Chromium on Performance and Immune Responses of Broiler Chicks
Amir Naghieh, Majid Toghyani, Abbas Ali Gheisari, Shahin Eghbal Saeed and Hadi Miranzadeh
Study on Gennetic Diversity of 7 Rabbit Populations Evidenced by Microsatellite Makers
Wu Tian-Wen, Xu Gui-Jiang, Pan Yu-Lai, Xie Xi-Ping, Li Bi-Chun and Wu Xin-Sheng
Chicken Egg Yolk Antibody (IgY) Powder Against Escherichia coli O78:K80
A.H. Mahdavi, H.R. Rahmani, N. Nili, A.H. Samie and S. Soleimanian-Zad
Effects of Maize Silage Particle Size and Feeding Method on Ruminal Fermentation, Chewing Activity and Passage Rate of Lactation Cows
Zhijun Cao, Mei Ma, Peng Ji and Shengli Li
The Effect of Inclusion of Chromium Yeast (Co-Fator II, Alltech Inc.) and Folic Acid to the Rations of Laying Hens on Performance, Egg Quality, Egg Yolk Cholesterol, Folic Acid and Chromium Levels
Huseyin Eseceli, Nurcan Degirmencioglu and Murat Bilgic
The Effects of Bio-Mos® Mannan Oligosaccharide and Antibiotic Growth Promoter Performance of Broilers
Huseyin Eseceli, Ergun Demir, Nurcan Degirmencioglu and Murat Bilgic
Effects of Formaldehyde and Xylene Inhalations on Fatty Liver and Kidney in Adult and Developing Rats
Sadiye Kum, Mustafa Sandikci, Ulker Eren and Nursal Metin
The Genetic Distribution and Polymorphism Analysis of Antiviral Resistant Mx Gene Locus in Fifteen Chinese Indigenous Chicken Breeds
Tian Zhi-Quan, Wu Xiao-Wei, Sun Min, Yang Hai-Yan, Chang Guo-Bing, Ren Li-Wei and Li Bi-Chun
Effect of Fasting or Post-Hatch Diet’s Type on Chick Development
S.A. Tabedian, A. Samie, J. Pourreza and Gh. Sadeghi
The Clinical Efficiency of Minerasol® a New Trace Element Combination on Sheep
M. Erman Or, Abdullah Kayar, Remzi Gonul, Banu Dokuzeylul, Ali Riza Kiziler, Birsen Aydemir, Abdullah Aksu, Cagla Parkan, Tamercan Morkoc and Bora Barutcu
Biochemical Taste Parameters of Milk from Machine Milking Cows in Late Lactation Period
O. Tekelioglu
Estimation of Metabolizable Energy Requirements for Maintenance and Energetic Efficiency of Weight Gain in Bos taurus and Bos indicus Cows in Tropical Mexico
Jose Valentin Cardenas-Medina, Juan Carlos Ku-Vera and Juan Gabriel Magana-Monforte
Dairy Sector in the Crises: The Case of Turkey
Sema Gun, I. Coskun Ceylan, Ilkay Dellal, Gulsen Keskin, Emine Olhan and Gursel Dellal
Selectivity of Diamond and Square Mesh Beam Trawl Codends for European Hake and Striped Red Mullet in the Sea of Marmara, Turkey
Celal Ates, Tomris Bok, Tugrul Zahit Alicli, Abdullah Ekrem Kahraman, Didem Gokturk and Tuncer Uluturk