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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 4, 2010
The Effects of Different Levels of Yucca schidigera Added to the Lamb’s Diets Containing Urea on Growth Performance, Carcass Characteristics, Some Rumen and Blood Parameters
Zehra Selcuk and Sakir Dogan Tuncer
Genetic Diversity of Raeini Goat Population Based on Microsatellite
Reza Sadeghi, Bizhan Mahmoudi, Mansour Bayat, Ali Jafarzade, Sanam Montazeri Gh, Seyyedreza Seyyedsafavi and Mohammad Nejadgashti
According to Canonical Correlation, the Evaluation of Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix) Blood Chemistry
Musa Bulut, Nejdet Gultepe, Mehmet Mendes, Derya Guroy and Mustafa Palaz
Bacterial Counts in Two Species (Scomberomorus juttatus and Otolithes ruber) of Fresh South-Harvested Fish, While Loading in Kazeroon
M.S.A. Ghasemi, P. Azadnia and M.H. Rahnama
The Determination of Situation and Breed Characteristics of Turkish Rahvan Horse in Turkey
Tamer Caglayan, Seref Inal, Mustafa Garip, Behic Coskun, Fatma Inal, Aytekin Gunlu and Ertugrul Gulec
Composition and Abundance of Zooplankton in a Natural Aquarium, >Lake Balikligol (Sanliurfa, Turkey) and New Records
Aysel Bekleyen and Erdogan Ipek
Effects of Parity, Days in Milk, Milk Production and Milk Components on Milk Urea Nitrogen in Chinese Holstein
Zhijun Cao, Wenming Huang, Tian. Wang, Yu Wang, Wan Wen, Mei Ma and Shengli Li
Field Evaluation of PCR Assays for the Diagnosis of Tropical Theileriosis in Cattle and Water Buffaloes in Egypt
Y.S. Mahmmod, F.A. El-Balkemy, Z.G. Yuan, M.F. El-Mekkawy, A.M. Monazie and X.Q. Zhu
Dietary Tryptophan Effects on Growth Performance and Blood Parameters in Broiler Chicks
Mozhdeh Emadi, Kamran Kaveh, Fatemeh Jahanshiri, Mohd Hair-Bejo, Aini Ideris and Abdul Razak Alimon
Association of the MYPN Gene Polymorphisms with Meat Quality in Commercial Pigs
L.W. Zhai, L.X. Wang, W.L. Zhou and C.D. Wang
The Relationships among Egg Quality Characteristic of Different Hybrid Layers to Forced Molting Programs with and Without Feed Withdrawal
Ali Aygun and Ramazan Yetisir
Yield and Nutritive Value of Anti-Taurus Mountain Rangeland Shrubs in Turkey
Kagan Kokten, Oktay Gursoy, Tuncay Tukel and Rustu Hatipoglu
Phenotypic Study of Lactation Curve in Iranian Holsteins
H. Roshanfekr, M. Mamouei, F. Yarinejad and K. Mohammadi
Estimation of Breeding Value of Najdi Cattle Breed Using Random Regression Model
M. Nazari, M.T. Beigi Nassiri, J. Fayazi and S. Tabatabaei
Investigations on Efficiency of Mating Disruption Technique Against the European Grapevine Moth (Lobesia botrana Den. Et. Schiff.) (Lepidoptera; Tortricidae) in Vineyard, Turkey
Burak Akyol and M. Murat Aslan
First Report of Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus Infection in Sudan
A.M. Elfahal, A.M. Zakia and A.M. El-Hussien
A Research on the Fish Production and Catching Efficiency in the Keban Dam Lake
Fahrettin Yuksel and Yasin Celayir
Introduction of Exogenous Gene into Chicken PGCs via Blastoderm
H. Furuta, T. Sanada, R. Takayanagi and T. Yoshida
Effects of Photoperiod on Number of Mast Cells in Lymphoid Organs Pof the Japanese Quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
Turan Karaca, Hasan H. Ari, Mecit Yoruk and Selim Cinaroglu
Depth and Seasonal Effects on the Settlement Density of Mytilus galloprovincialis L. 1819 in the Dardanelles
Harun Yildiz and Selcuk Berber
Feed Intake after Infusion of Noradrenalin, Dopamine or its Precursor into the Lateral Ventricles in Neonatal Chicks
Takashi Bungo, Kouichi Yanagita and Jun-ichi Shiraishi
Serum Mineral Contents of the Omani Racing Arabian Camels (Camelus dromedarius)
Yasmin Elhag Eltahir, Hassan Mohammed Ali, M.H. Mansour and O. Mahgoub
Evaluation of Nutrient Digestibility of Wet Tomato Pomace Ensiled with Wheat Straw Compared to Alfalfa Hay in Kermani Sheep
Nemat Ziaei and Sadrollah Molaei
QTL and Association Analysis of Mx1 Gene with Economic Traits in Commercial Pigs
Xiang-Dong Liu, An-Jing Xiang, Ming-Di Fang, Yong Cao, Zhen-Fang Wu and Shu-Hong Zhao
Effects of Different Levels of Zeolite on Digestibility and Some Blood Parameters in Arabic Lambs
L. Ghaemnia, M. Bojarpour, Kh. Mirzadeh, M. Chaji and M. Eslami
Estradiol-17β Alters Trophectoderm Proliferation in Pig Embryosa
T.A. Wilmoth, J.M. Koch, D.L. Smith and M.E. Wilson
The Anatomy of the Buffalo's Cardiac Veins
Hamid Karimi, Ghaffar Ardalani, Mohsen Abbasi and Naser Razmaraii
The Polymorphism of a Mutation of IGF-1 Gene on Two Goat Breeds in China
Liu Wu-Jun, Fang Guang-Xin, Fang Yi, Tian Ke-Chuan, Huang Xi-Xia, Yao Xin-Kui, Wang Mou, Yu Hui, Huang Yong-Zhen, Xin Jing-Jing, Xin Ya-Ping, Yu Shi-Gang and Chen Hong
Milk Components from Machine Milking Cows in Winter and Spring Periods
O. Tekelioglu, M. Cimen, D. Soylu and I. Soylu
Investigation of Histopathological and Cytogenetic Effects of Heavy Metals Pollution on Cyprinus carpio (Linneaus, 1758) in the Gölmarmara Lake, Turkey
Beyhan Gurcu, Sukran Yildiz, Yucel Basimo Glu Koca and Serdar Koca
The Comparison of the Pregnancy Rates Obtained after the Ovsynch and Double Dose PGF + GnRH Applications in Lactating Dairy Cows
Gokhan Dogruer, Mustafa Kemal Saribay, Fikret Karaca and Yasar Ergun
MEF2A Gene Polymorphisms are Associated with Growth Traits in Chinese Indigenous Cattle Breeds
Fuying Chen, Hong Chen, Juqiang Wang, Hui Niu, Xianyong Lan, Liushuai Hua, Zhuanjian Li, Chuzhao Lei and Xingtang Fang
Serum Ceruloplasmin Levels in Ewes Fed Deficient-Energy During Late Pregnancy
Feraye Esen Gursel, M. Hanifi Durak and Aysen Altiner
Effect of Dietary Crude Protein and Energy on Gaoyou Ducklings Growth Performance and Carcass Trait
Q. Wang, H.F. Li, Y.L. Dai, K.W. Chen, B.L. Li, Z.Y. Wang and J. Zhang
Digestibility and Utilization of Canola Meal in Angel Fish (P. scalare Lichtenstein 1823) Feeds
Fatime Erdogan and Murtaza Olmez
Effects of Environmental Factors on Pre-Weaning Growth Traits in Zandi Lambs
K. Mohammadi, M.T. Beygi Nassiri, J. Fayazi and H. Roshanfekr
Investigating Salmonella Serotypes Colonizing Laying Hen Housing Across Southern Greece: Implications to Public Health
Vasiliki Rousi, Stavroula Madouvalou, Maria Pasiotou, Xristos Diamantis and Angeliki R. Burriel
Cost and Return Analysis and Technical Efficiency of Small Scale Milk Production: A Case Study for Cukurova Region, Turkey
Tuna Alemdar, Betul Bahadir and M. Necat Oren
Pharmacokinetics of Cefquinome in Camels
A.Y. Al-Taher
Effect of Dietary Inclusion of Discarded Beetroot and Potato Hash Silage on Growth Performance and Digestibility in South African Dorper Lambs
B.D. Nkosi and M.M. Ratsaka
Spectral Classical Least Square Calibration Approach for the Simultaneous Determination and Stability Test of Sulphadiazine and Trimethoprim in Bolus
Hismiogullari Sahver Ege, Yarsan Ender and Dinc Erdal