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Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances (2018 Volume 17)

Number of issues per year: 24
ISSN : 1680-5593 (Print)
ISSN : 1993-601X (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 9 Issue 12, 2010
Analysis of Factors Affecting Fish Purchasing Decisions of the Household: Antalya District Case
Cengiz Sayin, Yilmaz Emre, M. Nisa Mencet, Suleyman Karaman and Yavuz Tascioglu
Castration Modulates Leptin and its Receptor in the Hypothalamus from Male Pigs
Cai Zhao-Wei, Zhao Xiao-Feng, Yao Yu-Chang, Jiang Xiao-Ling, Zhang Li-Fan, *Xu Ning-Ying and Wu Chang-Xing
Epidemia of Tularemia in Central Anatolia
Sedat Kaygusuz, Osman-Arikan , Kursat Azkur, Hulya Simsek, Serkal Gazyagci, Nuray Muluk, Muge Taner, Serdar Gozutok, Kubilay Toyran, Emine Meydaneri, Cigdem Ediz, Ozlem Erol, Ozden Ciftci Cirpar, Kenan Ecemis, Bekir Celebi, Canan Agalar and Mustafa Ertek
The Levels of Antioxidant Activity, Malondialdehyde and Nitric Oxide in Cows Naturally Infected with Neospora caninum
A.F. Fidan, C.C. Cingi, Y.S. Karafakioglu, A.E. Utuk, S. Pekkaya and F.C. Piskin
Investigation of Maternal Effects on Early Growth Traits in Arabi Lambs, Using Single-Trait Animal Models
K. Mohammadi, A. Aghaei, M. Bojarpour, Kh. Mirzadeh and Gh. Motaghinia
The Effect of Spermatozoa Number on Fertility Rate of Chicken in Artificial Insemination Programs
S. Tabatabaei
The Growth of the Freshwater Crayfish (Astacus leptodactylus Eschscholtz, 1823) Juveniles Until the First Sexual Maturity Age in Concrete Fish Ponds
Hamdi Aydin
Survey on Sarcocystis Infection in Slaughtered Cattle in South-West of Iran, Emphasized on Evaluation of Muscle Squash in Comparison with Digestion Method
Hossein Hamidinejat, Mohammad Hossein Razi Jalali and Leily Nabavi
Replacement of Soybean Meal by Yeast Fermented-Cassava Chip Protein (YEFECAP) in Concentrate Diets Fed on Rumen Fermentation, Microbial Population and Nutrient Digestibilities in Ruminants
Kissada Boonnop, Metha Wanapat and Chainarong Navanukraw
Comparative Efficacy of High vs. Low Dose Cabergoline Treatment Regimen in Inducing Fertile Oestrus in Anoestrous Dogs
G. Ajitkumar, R. Praseeda, K. Rajankutty and P.C. Alex
Effects of Different Housing Systems on Some Performance Traits and Egg Qualities of Laying Hens
Ahmet Sekeroglu, Musa Sarica, Ergun Demir, Zafer Ulutas, Muammer Tilki , Mustafa Saatci and Hussain Omed
Characterization and Evolution Analysis of CaMKII Gene in Pig and Other Species
Qiang Zhong, Xin-Yun Li, Jia-Hua Cao, Shu-Hong Zhao and Kui Li
Range Expansion of Introduced Tilapia Species (Oreochromis niloticus, L. 1758, Cichlidae) in Turkey
Ramazan Mert and Erdogan Cicek
Macro Anatomic Investigations on Digestive System of Marmara Region Sea Gulls
Nazan Gezer Ince, Gulsun Pazvant and Kifayet Oya Kahvecioglu
Effects of Undegradable Intake Protein on Milk Yield, Bun and Dry Matter Digestibility in Lactating Goats Fed Ammoniated Corn Stover
J. Santos Serrato-Corona, Ada Lizeth Rivas and Edmundo Castellanos Perez
Biological Characteristics of Rat Spermatogonial Stem Cells Cultured on Sertoli Cell Feeder Layer in vitro
Deying Zhang, Guanghui Wei, Dawei He, Jing Zhu, Xing Liu and Tao Lin
Morphometric Effect of Nandrolone on Humerus of the Pubertal Term Rats
Sefa Lok and Hakan Yalcin
Effect of Protein Level on Nutrient Digestion and Nitrogen Utilization in Beef Cattle
C. Yuangklang, K. Vasupen, S. Wongsuthavas and S. Bureenok
Determination of Aflatoxin M1 Level in Milk and White Cheese Consumed in Ankara Region, Turkey
Buket Er, Burak Demirhan, Fatma Kaynak Onurdag and Gulderen Yentur
Effects of Different Levels of Effective Fiber in Close-up Cows Diets on Intake and Chewing Activity and Subsequent Lactation Performance in Holstein Dairy Cows
V. Keshavarz, H. Amanlou, A. Nikkhah, M. Dehghan Banadaky, E. Mahjoubi and M. Kazemi Bonchenari