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Veterinary Research (2017 Volume 10)

Number of issues per year: 6
ISSN : 1993-5412 (Print)
ISSN : 1994-4659 (Online)
ARCHIVE>> Volume 2 Issue 1, 2008
Antioxidant Status and the Degree of Oxidative Stress in Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) with or with Endometritis
H.E. Mohamed
Pathogenesis of Newcastle Disease Virus Kudu 113 Strain in Relation to Neuraminidase Production in Chickens
S.B. Oladele , P. Abdu , A.J. Nok , N.D.G. Ibrahim and K.A.N. Esievo
Hepatic Capillariosis in African Giant Rats (Cricetomys gambianus, Waterhouse) Around Zaria, Nigeria
S.J. Sambo , N.D.G. Ibrahim , H.M. Kazeem , S. Adamu , P.H. Mammam and M.N. Ali
Seasonal Prevalence of Fasciola gigantica Infection Among the Sexes in Nigerian Cattle
Oyeduntan A. Adedokun , Adekunle B. Ayinmode and Benjamin O. Fagbemi
A Case of Aprosopia with Multiple Congenital Anomalies in a Lamb in Kassala State, Eastern Sudan
M. M. Omer , S.M. Abusalab , M.M. Gumaa , S.A. Mulla and A.M. Ahmed