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Controlling instabilities gives closer look at chemistry from hypersonic vehicles
Posted on Tuesday April 23, 2019
While studying the chemical reactions that occur in the flow of gases around a vehicle moving at hypersonic speeds, researchers use a less-is-more method to gain greater understanding of the role of chemical reactions in modifying unsteady flows that occur in the hypersonic flow around a double-wedge shape.

Water walking: The new mode of rock skipping
Posted on Tuesday April 23, 2019
Researchers not only reveal the physics of how elastic spheres interact with water, but they also lay the foundation for the future design of water-walking drones.

Carbon dioxide from Silicon Valley affects the chemistry of Monterey Bay
Posted on Tuesday April 23, 2019
Elevated concentrations of carbon dioxide in air flowing out to sea from Silicon Valley and the Salinas Valley could increase the amount of carbon dioxide dissolving in Monterey Bay waters by about 20 percent.

A global database of women scientists is diversifying the face of science
Posted on Tuesday April 23, 2019
Underrepresentation of women scientists in the public sphere perpetuates the stereotype of the white male scientist and fails both to reflect the true diversity of people practicing science today and to encourage more diversity.

New sensor detects rare metals used in smartphones
Posted on Tuesday April 23, 2019
A more efficient and cost-effective way to detect lanthanides, the rare earth metals used in smartphones and other technologies, could be possible with a new protein-based sensor that changes its fluorescence when it binds to these metals.