Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2007
Volume: 6
Issue: 7
Page No. 834 - 838

A Guided Assessment of Online Processes and Implementation in Sub-Sharan Africa

Authors : G.I.O. Aimufua and J.O. Fatokun

Abstract: This study presents a mix of known models that had aided the successful implementation of International acclaimed Software. There after recommends a way forward for the successful implementation of software in the sub-Sahara Africa. The advent of Information Technology and Communications (ICT) has brought about diverse changes within the operations of most organizations. It is expedient for man to abhor changes; however, it is only change that remains constant in this world. We investigated a number of challenges and constraints that had bedeviled the successful Software Implementations in the developing world, Nigeria as a case study. The software packages that had been successfully implemented in most developed world had in most cases faced series of hiccups. The cry for development and technology transfer had been the dream of people of the third world, but they are not ready to pay the price to get true technological transfer. It is obvious from this study that the most affected organizations are the Public Enterprises and the Civil Service. It has been observed that the character/attitude, culture and ethics of the people had contributed to the enormous bottlenecks in software implementation in Public/Civil establishment. This study gives a guided assessment of the implementation processes and proffers some solutions to the teething problems in the Nigerian context.

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G.I.O. Aimufua and J.O. Fatokun , 2007. A Guided Assessment of Online Processes and Implementation in Sub-Sharan Africa . Asian Journal of Information Technology, 6: 834-838.

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