Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2007
Volume: 6
Issue: 8
Page No. 891 - 895

Statistical Study on the Bearings`s Degradation

Authors : A. Bouzaouit , A.E. Hadjadj and R. Chaib

Abstract: The study relates to a problem concerning the excessive consumption of the bearings. On the basis of data-gathering (bearings installed on a fan centrifugal with the iron and steel complex), relating to only the nature and the causes of the failures of the bearings with double lines of rollers, we proceeded has a statistical analysis. We could deduce per degree from importance the causes from fast deterioration. This allowed us in the first time to cure in a direct way the problem and consequently to increase the lifespan appreciably. Following this analysis it was established that the results correspond on the whole to the distribution according to the law normal of Gauss and this for all the studied parameters: Assembly, constraints, environments and lubrication. To know the function of distribution allows in the event of a probability of confidence of determining the limits and confidence the interval of any parameter. With the base of the fiducial limits one can question at the point the possibilities of the quality control of the bearings about the studied factor. One can deduce his failure rate, and its reliability, to take into account the parameters of the medium in which it works and to correct has new its lifespan reality. The computation results become very different then compared to those recommended by the manufacturers. One cannot any time not give an exact definition of the normal operating conditions. It is very desirable thus to acquire a practical experiment and with this showing particularly vigilant, if one wants to correct the lifespan, in order to be able to satisfy a policy of conditional preventive maintenance based more particularly on the vibratory analysis and this in order to reduce any problem involved in the operation of the bearing. The study is carried out on bearings of type: 22309CK, installed on a ventilator centrifugal on the level of an iron and steel complex.

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A. Bouzaouit , A.E. Hadjadj and R. Chaib , 2007. Statistical Study on the Bearings`s Degradation . Asian Journal of Information Technology, 6: 891-895.

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