Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2008
Volume: 7
Issue: 5
Page No. 226 - 231

Integrated Security Architecture for Web Services and this Challenging

Authors : Marzouk S. Mokbel and Le Jiajin

Abstract: Web Services has emerged as a dominant paradigm for constructing and composing distributed business collaborations over the web. The focus of this study is propose the main challenges for securing Web Services and summarizes emerging standards of web services security mechanisms. Security is one of the major concerns when developing mission critical business applications and this concern motivated the Web Services Security specifications. This study puts forward a kind of Current Security Mechanisms for Web Services and Security in a Web Services World Proposed Architecture and Roadmap, which includes secure communication protocol, authentication, Signature, Encryption, Authorization and Transport Security etc. It provides Strong ways to protect information for Browser/Server applications.

How to cite this article:

Marzouk S. Mokbel and Le Jiajin , 2008. Integrated Security Architecture for Web Services and this Challenging. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 7: 226-231.

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