Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2008
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Page No. 58 - 63

Development of a Tele-Robot Programming System for Programming Education on Ubiquitous Environment

Authors : Inhwan Yoo and Youngkwon Bae

Abstract: Robot programming requires special knowledge of both robot and programming. In addition, for teaching-learning robot programming, various kinds of hardware and software are necessary and they are usually so expensive and complex that it is not easy to operate. To overcome these limitations, the present study developed a tele-robot programming system. This system provides solutions for controlling robots in ubiquitous computing environment using several freeware robot programming languages. Learners can connect the system and code robot controlling programs in different programming languages. Users can transmit byte codes generated from compiling to a server robot through infra-red or Bluetooth and get debugging information by watching the operation of the robot through a Web camera. In addition, if a user has a robot, he can download compiled codes from the server and execute them. Using the system only with PC or PDA connected to the Internet, learners can learn robot programming without additional hardware or software. In particular, the system implemented a language processor so that elementary students in non-English-speaking regions can approach and learn programming easily in their own language. Because these functions make it easier for learners to make the initial approach to programming, the system is expected to stimulate learners’ interest in programming and improve the efficiency of learning.

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Inhwan Yoo and Youngkwon Bae , 2008. Development of a Tele-Robot Programming System for Programming Education on Ubiquitous Environment. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 7: 58-63.

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