Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2010
Volume: 9
Issue: 1
Page No. 1 - 4

Cyber Crime and Internet Growth in Pakistan

Authors : Fahd Abdul Momein and M. Nawaz Brohi

Abstract: Crime is a social phenomenon that has existed throughout human history. As people and technology evolved and developed new technology, there is no doubt that criminals continue to exploit or take advantage of this technological progress. We are now in the era of an information revolution, which provides modern science, high technology and accordingly, it is axiomatic that new types of crimes have come to the forefront. The criminal of yesterday is exactly like the criminal of today and therefore, the crime of yesterday is certainly not like the crime of today.

How to cite this article:

Fahd Abdul Momein and M. Nawaz Brohi, 2010. Cyber Crime and Internet Growth in Pakistan. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 9: 1-4.

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