Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2011
Volume: 10
Issue: 6
Page No. 249 - 258

Block-Based Approach for End-User Software Development

Authors : Abdullah Mohd Zin

Abstract: End-user programming refers to programming activities carried out by end users. These end-users can include teachers, accountants, scientists, engineers, parents and all other people who are not trained as programmers. End-user programming is now getting more popular. It was projected that the number of end-user programmers in the US is about 55 million compared to 2.75 million professional programmers. In order to support end-user programming, a number of programming systems have been developed which can be divided into the following categories: Application-specific languages, programming by example, visual programming and natural programming. This study discusses the concept of a new programming system to support end-user programming called the block-based programming system. In this programming environment, end-users can develop applications by integrated programming blocks that have been developed by block developers.

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Abdullah Mohd Zin , 2011. Block-Based Approach for End-User Software Development. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 10: 249-258.

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