Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 9
Page No. 305 - 311

A Novel Approach to Enhance Cloud Data Defense

Authors : Sudha Devi and Thila gavathy

Abstract: Cloud computing is being visualized as a new IT Model for delivering information technology services based on internet. In this model the customer’s data are moved to the cloud provider’s site where the services and management may not be guaranteed to be completely trustworthy. Cloud computing though suffers against several challenges, data security is the main attribute that act as a barrier to adopt this emerging technology as a new IT procurement model. One of the obstacle that is subjective to cloud data security is data confidentiality and auditability. Cloud users pay for VM to compute data. Data deployed in VM may get leaked in several ways. Either the contents of VM can be hacked by the interference of malicious users or the privileged user accessing VM can leak data intentionally or accidentally. Since, the data owners have no control over their sensitive data in cloud environment it prevents many concerns to adopt cloud computing and avail many of its best services. To solve these issues authentication and access control alone will not be a prominent solution. To ensure reliant security of user’s data in the cloud, a better data security technique and data management system should be deployed on this platform. This study addresses data security issues in cloud and proposes possible solutions using crypto techniques. In addition, researchers have discussed about data segmentation and parallelization to manage data efficiently and improve performance. Using proper security solutions, life in the cloud will certainly be successful and advantageous.

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Sudha Devi and Thila gavathy, 2013. A Novel Approach to Enhance Cloud Data Defense. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 12: 305-311.

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