Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 11
Page No. 376 - 386

Ontology Extraction and Merging for a Better Semantic Web Integration

Authors : V. Rajeswari and Dharmishtan K. Varughese

Abstract: The internet is a huge ocean of knowledge, embedded in trillions of web pages that are linked and entwined and presents itself as the World Wide Web for anyone to use its resources. The computer used to browse through this maze, usually serve only to deliver and present the content of documents describing the knowledge. People have to communicate with all the sources of relevant information and interpret them by themselves. Semantic web is an effort to enhance current web so that, computers can process the information presented on the internet, interpret and communicate with it to help humans to find required essential knowledge. The aim of this research is to explore the applicability of ontology in simplifying semantic web searches through conventionally adopted different data processing techniques. Researchers present methods for representing data and knowledge in such a way that machines are directed to understand the meaning. One of the basic problems in the development of techniques for the semantic web is the integration of ontologies. The web is constituted by a variety of information sources which are expressed over certain ontology and in order to extract information from such sources their semantic integration and reconciliation in terms of a global ontology is required. In this study, researchers address the fundamental problem of how to specify the mapping between the global and local ontologies.

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V. Rajeswari and Dharmishtan K. Varughese, 2013. Ontology Extraction and Merging for a Better Semantic Web Integration. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 12: 376-386.

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