Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Page No. 60 - 69

A Fault Ontology for Managing Run-Time Faults in Web Services

Authors : K. Jayashree, Sheila Anand and R. Chithambaramani

Abstract: Detecting faults at run-time is one of the crucial elements in fault management of web services. In this study, researchers present a generic ontology for describing run-time faults in web services. Ontology descriptions have been developed to describe the semantics of generic Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) faults. The fault ontology includes various run-time faults that occur during publishing, discovery, binding, composition and execution of web services. The ontology can be used to provide semantic error information to the user to aid them in proper identification and correction of errors that occur at run-time. Researchers have tested the ontology using a sample web service application and present the results.

How to cite this article:

K. Jayashree, Sheila Anand and R. Chithambaramani, 2013. A Fault Ontology for Managing Run-Time Faults in Web Services. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 12: 60-69.

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