Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2014
Volume: 13
Issue: 4
Page No. 182 - 189

A Survey on Hierarchical and Hybrid Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network

Authors : A. Muthu Krishnan and P. Ganesh Kumar

Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network, the name that explodes lot of crucial improvements in growing world technological impact. In WSN, clustering makes the vital role for the deployment of coverage, energy efficient, high localized communication between sensor nodes and its base station. To make the cluster process more effective various protocols are introduced especially in hierarchical protocol like LEACH, SEP, TEEN, PEGASIS protocols. In present scenario, the protocol’s superior process characteristics are combined that produces the hybrid protocol for various purposes like energy conservation, prolonged network life time, improved localized process, reduced no of CH selection. Here, the research that made the survey of these hybrid protocols and their superior characteristics on the basis of no of nodes alive for defined round, stability period, energy dissipation under various conditions. Each protocol made the dominant characteristics in various aspects. Their advantages and their characteristics are discussed with their characteristics.

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A. Muthu Krishnan and P. Ganesh Kumar, 2014. A Survey on Hierarchical and Hybrid Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 13: 182-189.

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