Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2014
Volume: 13
Issue: 10
Page No. 653 - 656

An Effective Image Processing Technique for Finding Brain Tumor Volume

Authors : Punal. M. Arabi, E. Priyanka and M. Ramesh

Abstract: Brain, the control center of the body controls it by receiving, interpreting and directing the sensory information throughout the body. Any disease in brain may lead to total collapse of entire function of the body. Tumor is one of the major disorders that affect the brain. It is a life threatening disease which poses a number of challenges to both medical and engineering technologists. The early diagnosis of brain tumor significantly increases the life span and improves the quality of life. In this study, a novel approach is proposed for the diagnosis of brain tumor in MRI images with the help of computer aided system. This method adopts a three-step approach to remove the skull, segmenting tumor and to calculate it’s volume; in the first step an improved systematic application of morphological reconstruction operations is done for the brain image and a thresholding based technique is used to extract the brain tissues inside the skull and in the second step histogram thresholding is applied for tumor segmentation. In the final step tumor volume is calculated. The results are compared with Fuzzy C-Means and K-Means techniques to prove the superiority of the proposed method over the existing ones.

How to cite this article:

Punal. M. Arabi, E. Priyanka and M. Ramesh, 2014. An Effective Image Processing Technique for Finding Brain Tumor Volume. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 13: 653-656.

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