Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 16
Page No. 2750 - 2755

A Modified Virtual Approach to Deploy Border Line Sensors

Authors : Saad Talib Hasson and Abdul Nasir Reyadh

Abstract: Theuse of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) has turned into effective applications in the last years. Countries borders reliable protection and security are being one of the essential research problems in these years. WSNs can be utilized in improvingthe borders security in a smart manner. It can be used as an on-line virtual fence to control and prevent any intruder tries to penetrate certain protected areas. Deploying WSNs will support barrier coverage to improve the process of border surveillance and intrusion detection. Collected data by sensors contains rotational and displacement information. There are many deployment techniques with various optimizing goals for each environment. Deploymentor “sensor placement model”represents an awkward mission requires serious effort. It isaffected by the sensors types, process goals, communication channels, coverage area and the areatopology.WSN must have good ability to sense and collect enough data with a participatory sensing property.WSN deployment is one of main problems in wireless sensor network researches. It heavily affects the cost and the network performance. A good deployment strategy can reduce cost of network, save the energy for communication and increase robustness of the network. In this study, a mathematical model is suggested depending on markov property. A simulation model is also proposed using Net Lego. A simulation can be used as a virtual environment to analyse, observe and test this deployment approach. A suggested mathematical model can be used in estimating the accurate location of the deployed sensorsin a sequential manner. This process depends on the previous sensor location, sensing area and the surface area shape. This model will arrange all the deployed sensors in the area of interest to cover and observe all the sensing area and prevent any closing intruder. The developed model is suitable to deploy sensors along border line deployment.

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Saad Talib Hasson and Abdul Nasir Reyadh, 2016. A Modified Virtual Approach to Deploy Border Line Sensors. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 2750-2755.

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