Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 16
Page No. 2791 - 2796

A Web-Based System to Enhance Students’ Abilities in English Education

Authors : Kother Safaa Hadi and Mahdi Nsaif Jasim

Abstract: The research deals with enhancing the students’ abilities to learn English language. The enhancement will be in the form of web-based computer system hosted in the root establishment of education that the students can access using their own computers at homes or school computers. The proposed system will use the computer digital media like movies, dictionaries and speech facilities to simplify the reading, writing, listening, speaking and the vocabulary of the English language. The system is instructors’ assistance system uses all attractive facilities to be students’ favorite and beloved system and portable to give students the longest period of educationwith ability to share knowledge between them. It is an integrated multimedia system the override students motivations to enhance education facilities. The system will be implemented using the Microsoft Visual Studio development tool with aid of Visual integrated with Asp.Net tools to build the website according to the latest technologies in web-based application development. The designed system deals with analysis of the benefits of its usage, questioners to show its intended application results, its abilities to reduce education costs and increase education effectiveness.

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Kother Safaa Hadi and Mahdi Nsaif Jasim, 2016. A Web-Based System to Enhance Students’ Abilities in English Education. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 2791-2796.

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