Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 18
Page No. 3611 - 3615

Performance Evaluation Of LDPC Coded DWT/IDWT MB-OFDM UWB for Power Line communication

Authors : P. Dhinakar and M. Chandrasekar

Abstract: Power Line Communication (PLC) is a promising technique for information transmission using existing power lines. However, the power line was not oriented for data transmission providinga rather harsh environment. To overcome the difficulties, advanced modulation and channel coding schemes should be employed. In this research a physical layer architecture that recommends the use of OFDM architecture supporting peak data rates between 14 Mbps- 200 Mbps is modelled where OFDM multi-carrier transmission technique could decrease the inter-symbol interference and frequency selective fading. Moreover Low Density Parity Check code (LDPC) is employed to reduce the loss caused by various kinds of effects in the channel especially the noise . The novel architecture in DWT with DUC/DDC is integrated with MB-OFDM and LDPC for PLC. Further, the MB-OFDM integrated with DUC/DDC, consumes a total power of 42.66 mw for the operating frequency in the range of 50-578 MHz. BER performances of MB-OFDM with DWT and LDPC have been obtained based on the proposed model and have been demonstrated to achieve a higher BER for a given noisy channel.

How to cite this article:

P. Dhinakar and M. Chandrasekar, 2016. Performance Evaluation Of LDPC Coded DWT/IDWT MB-OFDM UWB for Power Line communication. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 3611-3615.

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