Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 22
Page No. 4535 - 4540

A Secure Itrust Scheme Towards Trust Establishment in Delay Tolerant Networks Using Zone Based Routing Protocol

Authors : S. Balakrishnan

Abstract: Delay Tolerant Network (DTNs) is another networks class which is portrayed by a long message postpone and absence of a completely joined way between the source and the objective hubs. Trusted Authority could guarantee the security of DTN directing at a diminished cost and is executed by utilizing NS- 2.35. iTrust is presenting an intermittently accessible Trusted Authority (TA) to judge the hub�s conduct in view of the gathered steering proofs and probabilistically checking. We show iTrust as the Inspection Game and utilization diversion hypothetical investigation to exhibit that by setting suitable examination likelihood. Reproduction results display consistency with hypothetical investigation which accomplishes better course namelessness assurance contrasted with different unknown Zone Based Routing Protocols (ZBRP). By using this type of algorithms in delay tolerance network the packets delivery will be delivered correctly and in a secure manner. Using the game theory concept the nodes are able to be get hide and it will be visible only when the trusted nodes and authority is founded. To further enhance the productivity of the proposed plan we relate recognition likelihood with a hub�s notoriety by utilizing Random Based Routing Protocol (RBRP) which permits a dynamic identification likelihood controlled by the trust of the clients. In the random based algorithm the nodes are placed randomly so the nodes can communicate with each other so trust authority will be invisible and checks whether the particular node sends the packets correctly or it dropping the packets.

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S. Balakrishnan , 2016. A Secure Itrust Scheme Towards Trust Establishment in Delay Tolerant Networks Using Zone Based Routing Protocol. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4535-4540.

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