Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 23
Page No. 4698 - 4704

Trust Based Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Authors : K. Mohaideen Pitchai

Abstract: In this study a routing technique is proposed for Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs) and the nodes in the routing path are selected based on security. The trust value of the nodes are calculated using the number of neighborhood nodes, previous trust value of nodes, forwarded and generated packets sent by nodes and forwarding delay of nodes. The performance evaluation via simulation reveals that the proposed trust based routing achieves better performance than existing schemes in terms of identifying the malicious nodes and increasing the throughput of the network. Also the simulation is done over a range of environmental conditions such as number of malicious nodes and node mobility.

How to cite this article:

K. Mohaideen Pitchai , 2016. Trust Based Routing Algorithm for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4698-4704.

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