Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 23
Page No. 4884 - 4889

Experimental Study on Removal of Chromium by Cow Dung Ash and Eucalyptus Leaf Ash as Adsorbents

Authors : T. Ayyappan and G. Elangovan

Abstract: The presence and persistence of various heavy metals in the day to day environment have been ever increasing as a result of emerging industrial activities and advanced technological developments. These anthropogenic activities pose substantial threat to the environment and the public health due to its toxicity, bioaccumulation in the food chain and persistent nature. Industrial wastewater contains high levels of heavy metals that may pollute the water once it is discharged to the nature. These metals include arsenic, chromium, copper, zinc, aluminum, cadmium, lead, iron, nickel, mercury and silver. Among the above said heavy metals, Chromium (Cr) is one of the most toxic substances and is introduced into the environment through a variety of industrial activities. In order to remove the chromium from the contaminated water there are lot of methods available, even though they are not in natural way. In this study naturally availing materials like Cow dung ash and eucalyptus leaves ashes are used to remove the chromium by adsorbent method. Since the collected chromium contaminated waste water from the industry will have only a particular Cr+ concentration and pH value, an aqueous solution has been prepared with unique concentration and with different pH values. And activated ashes were added separately to the aqueous solution with different dosages and varying contact periods. From the careful investigation and interpretation of results it has been noted that the Cow dung ash has effectively removed the chromium content when it was added 6 g L–1 to the 1000 mL of aqueous solution. In the view of contact time of the adsorbent, 3 h of period been an ideal one and pH doesn’t had a significant effect.

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T. Ayyappan and G. Elangovan, 2016. Experimental Study on Removal of Chromium by Cow Dung Ash and Eucalyptus Leaf Ash as Adsorbents. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4884-4889.

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