Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2016
Volume: 15
Issue: 24
Page No. 4986 - 4994

Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Using Grover’s Searching Algorithm for MANET

Authors : E. Mariappan, M. Kaliappan and S. Vimal

Abstract: A Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANETs) is a wireless network consisting of number of autonomous mobile devices temporarily interconnected into a network by wireless media. MANETs have become most prevalent areas of research in the recent years. Energy efficient routing, resource limitations, scalability and Security are greatly challenging issues in MANETs. In MANETs, routing protocols directly affect various indices of network. In this quality of service plays an important role in the network performance. To address the drawbacks associated with traditional routing protocols in MANETs, such as energy efficiency, poor anti-fading performance and slow convergence rate for basic Dynamic Source Routing (DSR), we have proposed a new routing protocol based on Grover’s searching algorithm to select an optimal route for improving energy efficiency and to effectively extend the network lifetime. The Grover’s searching algorithm finds an optimal path using the node vector function and the probability of each node in the network. We have used Fuzzy C-means Clustering (FCM) to group the mobile nodes into clusters by considering the distance between the nodes as a major parameter for forming clusters. FCM is a clustering technique in which nodes are grouped into clusters with certain degree. The cluster head is elected based on the energy level of each node. In this we have created mobile nodes and grouped them into set of clusters in NS2 environment using FCM algorithm. We find optimal route between these cluster of nodes using EGRP protocol by this we have increased the energy efficiency and extended network life time when compared with DSR and CBRP protocol.

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E. Mariappan, M. Kaliappan and S. Vimal, 2016. Energy Efficient Routing Protocol Using Grover’s Searching Algorithm for MANET. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 15: 4986-4994.

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