Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2017
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Page No. 153 - 162

Silent Change in Life Evolution on Earth and its Consequences

Authors : Eduard Semenovich Demidenko and Elena Alexandrovna Dergacheva

Abstract: The researchers analyze the problems of changing the biosphere-biological evolution of life which existed about 4 billion years and at present it changes its direction under the influence of anthropogenic development of the society. Contemporary social philosophers and sociologists reflect by no means completely the picture of the society, human and life development which are more and more defined by scientific and technical progress, urbanization and techno-sphere of the earth. An essential methodological turning in the comprehension of life evolution changing was defined in V.I. Vernadsky’s works. He noticed an increasing role of the mankind in biosphere development whereas before homo sapiens appearance this role belonged to living substance on the whole-microorganisms, plants and animals. He also mistakenly believed that instead of the biosphere noosphere will come under the influence of mind (science) and reasonable human labor. Now, we see a different picture: the mankind meets own growing need sat the expense of not only natural resources of earlier biospheres but life-creating constituents of the present-day biosphere. Among them: living substance, top-soil, life film (hyperactive biostrome), biotic cycle of nutrients, definite parts of hydrosphere and atmosphere. They are in the organic life unity forming a living biosphere system. Reasoning from V.I. Vernadsky’s works on the biosphere and noosphere the authors of the paper forms their own methodology of investigations which they called socio-natural one that is pointing out to the change of biosphere nature by society. They explore a developing earth reality starting with the period of collecting economy to producing one and on this basis draw conclusions regarding the change of life evolution on our planet. In the study, they describe briefly the transient transformation forms of life which are determined already not by a self-developing biosphere not by an aggregate activity of its living organisms as it was before the formation and development of an anthropogenic social organism but by new life creating factors in their unity-by an anthropogenic society by a techno-sphere and biosphere nature. In these investigations the limitation of sociological theories has been overcome in which the society development is based on social regularities and biosphere nature is based on natural ones. The researchers put a question regarding the necessity of investigations of a fundamental change in the life evolution taking place on the earth. It is necessary to comprehend in which direction the evolution develops and what should be undertaken to save the full life of biosphere and humanity on the earth. The analysis shows that the society consisting of people develops now on the basis of the integration of social, anthropogenic (artificial) and natural processes. It creates technosphere as an inanimate artificial world substituting a natural cover of life. Not only humanity but also improved and even Genetically Modified (GM) living organisms are transferred into it from the biosphere. The society creating powerful scientific technical productive forces and resting upon science and high-powered engineering destroys biosphere and creates new life-post-biosphere one. With the loss of soil cover people will have to produce biological matter and living nature. In the study, the researchers substantiate the necessity of the deviation from the ideas of technocratic progress, practice of capitalist development having concentrated efforts on social economical and political reconstruction of the society and renaissance of biosphere life and natural biosphere conditions are still kept in abundance. They substantiate the necessity for the formation of potentialities for a stable socio-techno-biosphere form of life.

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Eduard Semenovich Demidenko and Elena Alexandrovna Dergacheva, 2017. Silent Change in Life Evolution on Earth and its Consequences. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 16: 153-162.

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