Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2018
Volume: 17
Issue: 3
Page No. 202 - 211

Enhanced Learning Approach for Diseases Diagnostic

Authors : Khaled M. Fouad, Tarek El Shishtawy and Aymen A. Altae

Abstract: Medical disease diagnostic is a very important problem in the medical domain and data mining approach. Early detection of the diseases is very highly important for treating it in early stages. The challenges among machine learning methods are very important to focus on the effective tool to improve the diagnoses problem by indicating the performance of neural network classifiers. This research aims to create a new hybrid method (mRMR-FLN) by exploiting the potential performance of Fast Learning Network (FLN) classifier after integrating it with efficient feature selection algorithm, maximum Relevance Minimum Redundancy (mRMR), to achieve better diagnoses on different diseases. The components of the proposed hybrid method (mRMR-FLN) will be (mRMR) algorithm as a feature selection method and Fast Learning Network (FLN) as a neural classifier. The performance of the new model has been examined and recorded with benchmark measurement on seven evaluation measures. The proposed hybrid method (mRMR-FLN) has achieved very promising classification accuracy using 10-fold Cross-Validation (CV).

How to cite this article:

Khaled M. Fouad, Tarek El Shishtawy and Aymen A. Altae, 2018. Enhanced Learning Approach for Diseases Diagnostic. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 17: 202-211.

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