Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2019
Volume: 18
Issue: 3
Page No. 116 - 123

Intelligent Adaptation Framework for Children e-Learning

Authors : Alaa A. Qaffas

Abstract: Personalization is an essential concept for introducing efficient and interactive learning via. the internet. Personalization contributes to the improvement of children’s cognitive and language skills. As well as, it contributes to the speed of learning and make children more innovative. Adaptive e-Learning frameworks works to achieve these results accurately. Adaptation plays a distinctive role in providing educational material to suit age, types and learned degree of children. In this study, an original framework for developing an adaptive and intelligent e-Learning system for children has been proposed. Simplicity, ease of use and changeability are 3 keys considerations in the design of this framework. Online courses for children may be designed according to this framework as a means of enhancing their learning process. Furthermore, machine learning techniques are adopted across this research in order to incorporate intelligent concepts while adapting child-orientated online courses. Ultimately, machine learning techniques can extract useful information from text pattern, then these techniques are adopted to effectively classify contents and users in the proposed framework.

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Alaa A. Qaffas , 2019. Intelligent Adaptation Framework for Children e-Learning. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 18: 116-123.

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