Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2019
Volume: 18
Issue: 8
Page No. 207 - 215

Head Gesture and Voice Control Wheel Chair System using Signal Processing

Authors : R. Sathish Kumar and M.G. Abdulla

Abstract: This project could be a improved style of mechanically controlled chair that is exactly supposed for the folks with frailness. This device assistances the operators to transfer from one place to the opposite empty the support of others. The puzzling troublesome encountered by the paralytic persons is their self-acting movement. They have associate external facilitate to attain their every day accomplishments. powered wheelchairs square measure aimed to assist paraplegics unsuitably, these cannot be utilized by persons with higher degree of deficiency, like quadriplegics, i.e., persons that, thanks to age or illness, cannot move any of the body elements, except of the pinnacle. The key objective of the project is to afford associate automatic system for disabled folks. The wheel chair can labor supported the pinnacle live of the user. the quality gestures square measure accustomed turn out motion management tips to the management in order that it will control the motion of the wheel chair in step with the user intention. Proposal and growth of head motion controlled chair has been earned exploitation measuring system sensors and AT89S52 microcontroller. The system is instigated just about and works well. The measuring system device senses the amendment in direction of head and consequently the signal is given to microcontroller. betting on the direction of the Acceleration, microcontroller controls the wheel chair directions like left, right, front and back with the help of DC motors. The wheel chair is additionally controlled by voice recognition of the users through Bluetooth signal exploitation portable. Be contingent the voice signal, the microcontroller controls the track of the wheel chair.

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R. Sathish Kumar and M.G. Abdulla, 2019. Head Gesture and Voice Control Wheel Chair System using Signal Processing. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 18: 207-215.

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