Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2020
Volume: 19
Issue: 4
Page No. 88 - 90

Automated Wearable Technology for Women Safety

Authors : R. Monisha

Abstract: In the current scenario, the rate of the women harassment and the crime against women is on the hike and when it comes to India, a crime against women is committed in every three minutes and so there prevails an unprotected environment for the women and the girl children around us. The technology on the other side has reached an global outreach in our country and the ease to accessibility to technologies has also driven our environment a better place to live in the main goal of the paper is to develop a wearable device that certainly ensures women and girl children, safety and protection against harassments. In the paper we propose to develop a device which is integrated with hardware and software components and create a “wearable device” named “smart band” which has specific features that helps women to stay safe and fearless from crimes. The main features of the band includes the “GPS tracking” system which helps to track the location of the victim on the go. The pulse monitoring sensors to keep track of their heart beat and the motion sensors to track their body motions and the device would be programmed. In such a way that whenever an problem is encountered it can send help request along the location and the pulse rating to the relatives and friends by the smart phone that is being connected to the “smart band” by the use of the continuous internet connection. The feature helps the friends and the relatives to reach and save the victim in an much short span of time.

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R. Monisha , 2020. Automated Wearable Technology for Women Safety. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 19: 88-90.

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