Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2021
Volume: 20
Issue: 6
Page No. 174 - 180

Towards Ontology-Based Academic Programmes Regulations Enforcement

Authors : Caroline Chepkoech Kiptoo

Abstract: Academic programmes regulations play an important role in the quality of graduates produced by learning institutions. Development and enforcement of these regulations by the institutions can be error-prone due to the volumes of the regulations, complexity of the regulations and non-homogenious academic journeys by the students. In this study, an ontology of academic programmes regulations is proposed. The ontology is designed to model the academic regulations domain knowledge and is intended to provide support in the reference, development and enforcement of the regulations. An ontology of academic regulations fora case institution was developed. The ontology was based on the Curriculum Course Syllabus Ontology (CCSO). Preliminary assessment demonstrate that the academic programmes regulations ontology (APROnt) could support the processes of reference, development, revision and enforcement of the regulations.

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Caroline Chepkoech Kiptoo , 2021. Towards Ontology-Based Academic Programmes Regulations Enforcement. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 20: 174-180.

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