Asian Journal of Information Technology

Year: 2021
Volume: 20
Issue: 7
Page No. 181 - 187

Consumer Attitude Toward Viral Marketing among Generation Z

Authors : Nor Ratna Masrom, Raja Zuraidah Raja Mohd Rasi, Badru At Tamam Daut and Irwan Ibrahim

Abstract: The proliferation of E-commerce and social networking of adoption has shaped the way how marketing works and thus the viral marketing has proven to be most effective and sought-after strategy that well suited with this technological era. Viral marketing deemed to have benefits from consuming less implementation cost, reaching wider target audience to being high efficiency. In spite of the potential provided by viral marketing, issue and problem has still arise. Many marketers are still struggling on utilizing and running the viral marketing to its highest forms through social media to influence the consumer. In order to mitigate such issue, the factor of consumer attitude (perceived of informativeness, perceived of entertainment, perceived of source credibility, perceived of emotion and perceived of irritation) were analysed to investigate the relationship between consumer attitude and viral marketing. This study used explanatory research as the research design. The researcher used sampling technique by distributing questionnaires to 384 respondents across Malaysia. Statistical and Service Solution (SPSS) among generation Z were employ to analyse the data collected. Pearson’s correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis were used in this study. It is recommended for marketer to highly provide viral messages that consist of beneficial content. Beneficial content could develop positive consumer perception toward viral marketing. Next, marketer should pay more attention on crafting viral content or video consist of deeper moral values and meaning. This could help marketer to influence the emotion features of each individual consumer and increase consumer recognition. Lastly, marketer should provide reliable and credible source to their consumer as the reliability of the source will generate a positivity or negativity consumer perception and reaction.

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Nor Ratna Masrom, Raja Zuraidah Raja Mohd Rasi, Badru At Tamam Daut and Irwan Ibrahim, 2021. Consumer Attitude Toward Viral Marketing among Generation Z. Asian Journal of Information Technology, 20: 181-187.

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