International Business Management

Year: 2013
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Page No. 317 - 327

Job Characteristics: A Validation Study in Iran

Authors : Mansour Sadeghi Mal Amiri

Abstract: This investigation has been done to study the reliability and construct validity of JDS (that has been presented to measure 5 job characteristics including: Skill variety, task identity, task significance, autonomy and feedback) with a sample size of 942 respondents in Iran organizations environment. A result of the study has provided sufficient empirical support for the reliability and validity of JDS in measuring 5 job characteristics. JDS reliability and 5 job characteristics are at an acceptable level and items of each characteristic have internal coherence and consistency. Exploratory factor analysis with principal component method showed a 5 factor structure (ordered by autonomy, task identity, task significance, feedback and skill variety) of the JDS and the confirmatory factor analysis has confirmed exploratory factor analysis results. Especially multi-fitted parameters suggests a very good fit of 5 jobs factors with the data collected in Iran organizational environment. For ensuring construct validity of confirmatory factor analysis, convergent validity and discriminate validity were studied and obtained results show the consistency and convergence of items in measuring relevant latent construct and distinction of 5 job characteristics. As a result, JDS is an useful instrument to study the job characteristics construct in Iran.

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Mansour Sadeghi Mal Amiri , 2013. Job Characteristics: A Validation Study in Iran. International Business Management, 7: 317-327.

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