Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2009
Volume: 8
Issue: 1
Page No. 62 - 66

Abstract: Traditionally, parentage verification in cattle has been performed using blood typing. Parentage verification is very important, since it is the basis for breeding schemes and becomes even more critical with the widespread use of artificial insemination and embryo transfer techniques. Recently, a new methodology employing DNA markers is being used for parentage control. A panel of 9 DNA microsatellite markers was chosen internationally for evaluation in the cattle population of different countries. In order to achieve this goal, information regarding the amount of genetic variation of the microsatellites must be obtained. In the present study, the number of alleles and their frequencies were determined in 8 microsatellites from the panel (BM 1824, BM 2113, SPS 115, ETH 3, ETH 10, ETH 225, TGLA 122 and TGLA 227) using PCR and genotyping. This data was then used to calculate heterocigozity, polymorphism information content and exclusion probabilities of the microsatellites, both individually and as a group. A total of 287 animals belonging to 6 cattle breeds (Holstein, Simmental, Brown Swiss, Beefmaster, Brahman and Brangus) and localized in northeast Mexico were studied. In the Simmental breed, 3 of the 8 microsatellites were not analyzed (BM 1824, ETH 3 and TGLA 122). Considering the 8 microsatellites, exclusion probabilities were as follows: Holstein, 0.9988; Simmental, 0.9924; Brown Swiss, 0.9998; Beefmaster, 0.9999; Brahman, 0.9930; Brangus, 0.9990. All of the eight genetic markers in the 6 cattle breeds analyzed, except BM 1824 and ETH 3 in Brahman (exclusion probabilities of 0.3800 and 0.2200, respectively), as well as SPS 115 in Holstein (exclusion probability of 0.1213) were highly informative and their exclusion probabilities as a group demonstrate their usefulness for parentage verification in cattle from northeast Mexico.

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Victor Manuel Riojas-Valdes , Juan Carlos Gomez-de-la-Fuente , Jose Maria Garza-Lozano , Diana Cosette Gallardo-Blanco , Jose Nicolas De Tellitu-Schutz , Alfredo Wong-Gonzalez , Guillermo Davalos-Aranda and Jose Antonio Salinas-Melendez , 2009. Exclusion Probabilities of 8 DNA Microsatellites in 6 Cattle Breeds from Northeast Mexico. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 8: 62-66.

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