Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2010
Volume: 9
Issue: 2
Page No. 248 - 254

The Dairy Cattle Behaviors and Time Budget and Barn Area Usage in Freestall Housing

Authors : Selda Uzal and Nuh Ugurlu

Abstract: The design of appropriate housing for cow comfort is important to increase animal production. This study was carried out to determine annual time budget and shelter area usage of cows between 2006 and 2008 in Konya-Turkey. Behavior of animals (n = 24) and barn area usage of dairy cattle was investigated freestall dairy housings. Behavior of cows was observed by recording during 24 h of a day with video cameras mounted at suitable places in barn parts. The animals behaviors related to barn area choice were investigated and seasonal variation of dairy cattle housing area usage observed during to 10 days for each season. Annually average barn area usage of dairy cattle were determined as 3.33 h cubicle, 12.22 h courtyard, 1.30 h scraped alley, 6.09 h feeding, 1.06 h watering and milking area in freestall housing. The effect of season on the time budget activity of dairy cattle was important. Lying behaviors of dairy cattle decreased from 50.9% (summer) to 40.5% (winter). Dairy cattle spent their time about >50% in open area as courtyard. The annually time budget of dairy cattle were found as 45.4% lying, 13.7% standing, 25.4% feeding, 1.7% drinking, 9.9% walking, 2.6% milking and 1.3% other behaviors in the research. The present study showed that well design of courtyard, resting and feeding areas very important for animal production and welfare as well as cattle management.

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Selda Uzal and Nuh Ugurlu, 2010. The Dairy Cattle Behaviors and Time Budget and Barn Area Usage in Freestall Housing. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 9: 248-254.

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