Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2010
Volume: 9
Issue: 21
Page No. 2704 - 2709

Propolis and Illite as Feed Additives on Performance and Blood Profiles of Post-Weaning Hanwoo Calves

Authors : M.S.K. Sarker and C.J. Yang

Abstract: A study was conducted with 48 Hanwoo post weaning calves from 91-120 days to know the effect of natural feed additives on growth, feed intake and blood profiles. The calves were arranged in four groups; control, antibiotic (Neomycine 110 ppm), propolis (0.05%) and illite (2%) having 12 calves (male female ratio 6:6) in each. The claves were supplied pellet feeds ad libitum. Multi nutrient block and timothy grass hay were supplied to the calves. Water was supplied ad libitum through the water tub. Significantly lowest (p<0.05) initial BW was recorded at the beginning of post-weaning age in propolis group compared to others. The ADG at 5 months age were found statistically similar among the groups which indicates the effectiveness of the propolis. Higher feed intakes were recorded in control and propolis group followed by antibiotic and illite group. Illite and propolis group showed better compared to control diet in terms of ADG and feed efficiency. Addition of propolis and illite in the diet of post-weaning calves increased the percentage of platelets count (p<0.05) keeping other blood component statistically unchanged. The serum albumin and globulin values also falls within the range of antibiotic group although lowest IgM was recorded in illite group. In conclusion, the natural resources, illite and propolis showed potential without any detrimental effect for production of Hanwoo post-weaning calves.

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M.S.K. Sarker and C.J. Yang, 2010. Propolis and Illite as Feed Additives on Performance and Blood Profiles of Post-Weaning Hanwoo Calves. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 9: 2704-2709.

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