Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances

Year: 2013
Volume: 12
Issue: 15
Page No. 1260 - 1262

Abstract: A large animal model, mainly the pig, plays a key role in the study of the biological mechanisms involved in the evolution of mitral valve pathology and research on new treatment strategies. The aim of this study was to increase the knowledge about the physiological value of ultrasound data of mitral valve in adult domestic swine. The study was performed in 80 healthy adult pigs weighing from 20-150 kg. All measurements were performed with the same anesthesia management. Researchers found that E/A Mitral flow velocity index ranged from 1.32 (50 kg body weight) to 1.47 (150 kg B.W.), E/A mitral anterior leaflet movement 2.01 (50 kg B.W.) to 1.21 (150 kg B.W.), EPSS 0.43 (50 kg B.W.) to 0.98 (150 kg B.W.). Researchers concluded that due to the clear differences in the responses of organisms in the period of physical development and adults; a study aimed at obtaining adult data should be carried out on animals which have completed their physical development. In the present study, the researchers demonstrated that the results of ultrasound and autopsy of mitral valve showed good agreement within the normal values of humans and pigs weighing 70-100 kg.

How to cite this article:

Adrian Janiszewski, Urszula Paslawska, Robert Paslawski, Alicja Cepiel, Agnieszka Noszczyk-Nowak, Liliana Kiczak, Jozef Nicpon and Wojciech Witkiewicz, 2013. Normal M-Mode Echocardiography of Mitral Valve in Adult Domestic Swine. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 12: 1260-1262.

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