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Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Year: 2017 | Volume: 12 | Issue: 9 | Page No.: 2446-2448
DOI: 10.3923/jeasci.2017.2446.2448  
Media Convergence as a Conversion Factor System of Training of Specialists
A. Kurmanbayeva , A. Zhumabayeva , A. Belgaraeva , K. Mamyrova and A. Daurenbekova
Abstract: Technological changes caused by the intensive development of electronic computers and the rapid spread of new means of communication have affected all media without exception. In the new conditions, the internet is increasingly asserting its right to shape the appearance of modern media and changing the forms of the existence of journalism. Technologies are so intensively introduced in the media that more and more often discussions are held that from the center of the multiply increased information flow journalists have moved to the periphery of the communication interests of consumers. Indeed, in the current conditions, the profession of a journalist has come under the blow of so many factors. Among them: technology, increased speed of information delivery, multi-channel communication as well as the universality of information that should be perceived on all existing digital platforms and in all languages, including poly-languages as the leading means of communication in the media environment at the moment is the language visual information. Accordingly, there is a need to understand how to combine all this in the profession of an acting journalist who has gone through a school of classical journalism and is forced to adapt to the conditions of a convergent editorial office. Journalism is still in demand but the changed conditions of mass communication make an ever greater need for universal journalists. Accordingly, the forms, ways of collecting and transmitting information change. All this and actualizes the need for theoretical, scientific understanding of the activities of journalists.
How to cite this article:
A. Kurmanbayeva, A. Zhumabayeva, A. Belgaraeva, K. Mamyrova and A. Daurenbekova, 2017. Media Convergence as a Conversion Factor System of Training of Specialists. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 12: 2446-2448.
DOI: 10.3923/jeasci.2017.2446.2448